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  • Posted: 13 Jul 2019 9:56

    Table Plans


    I'm looking for a bit of advise. I'm currently in the middle of my table plans and I'm all sorted for who is sitting by each other the only thing is the way my venue does the tables and as we are almost maxing out the venue the set up needs to be spot on. So table one who I would normally put our grandparents will be further away from us than table three and four. So my question is really does it matter who goes on table 1 or will people question why we had put cousins on table one and grandparent on table 4 or am i just over thinking it all. 


  • Posted: 15 Jul 2019 12:44

    Re: Table Plans

    Our venue had tables in odd places too and we got round this by naming instead of numbering our tables. We had Led Zeppelin, Rascal Flatts, White Stripes, Lady Antebellum etc. No one questions it if the tables have names.

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