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  • Posted: 11 Jul 2018 15:25

    Table Names

    So i overthink and over analyse everything in my life and always have.

    We have 9 tables plus top table for our wedding and i have now decided that i cant possibly have numbers for my tables in case i upset the people on the back end of tables ie 8 and 9.  In my head i would hate for one single person to think they was not as important or wanted there as much as anyone else.  But that me and i am never going to change.

    So i am trying to come up with table names,  We arent huge music fans and are stuggling to find anything we really like.

    I love the idea of places we have visited and a photo but my brother and his now wife had that idea and i dont want to copy.

    We are now thinking of naming our table after cocktails, We are still youngish, like to go out for a drink  and over the next  few months are thinking of going out and getting some photos of us posing with the cocktails and using these.

    What is everyone opinion on this ?  or does anyone else have a good idea i can use!

  • Posted: 11 Jul 2018 21:55

    Re: Table Names

    I've been to weddings where the table names were Scottish Islands but that might not work if you're not in Scotland. Also went to one where the tables were named after trees which I thought was nice but also think it was because the groom was a tree surgeon! He made wee mini tree centre pieces with lights on them for each table and it was just lovely.

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2018 13:13

    Re: Table Names

    That sounds like a really nice idea! Honestly you can have anything you like as table names. We're not having any but if we did I would probably have something that says something about us as a couple like you are. 

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2018 23:43

    Re: Table Names

    Really you can have anything you want if you do not want to hierarchy people with numbers and your cocktail with a picture idea sounds great. Whenever I see something other than numbers it is always something personal to the couple or part of the wedding theme - which is usually personal to the couple also. One i remember was the bride was a marshal arts champion and the table names were names of holds/ mpves and along with a description was a QR code that linked to a video of the hold in action - it may of been the bride with the groom on the receiving end Big Smile Im not sure.  

  • Posted: 13 Jul 2018 10:27

    Re: Table Names

    I think the cocktails is a great idea. Me and my H2B love drinking whisky, so our centerpieces and table names are all going to be different whisky's. 

  • Posted: 2 Aug 2018 0:32

    Re: Table Names

    I love sentimental reasons behind table names. How about places you’ve been on dates? E.g restaraunts names, bars... or places you’ve visited? Whether in the U.K or abroad? Or Street names? Where you’ve lived, studied at, gone on dates, where he proposed etc? I also like the idea of movie titles? Films you’ve both watched and enjoyed together. 

  • Posted: 7 Aug 2018 10:56

    Re: Table Names

    We're not having a theme per-se for our wedding but we decided on flower names as table names. i'm pressing some flowers from my mums garden and putting them in frames on the tables so i won't know until about a mont before as the table names will depend on the flowers available in my mums garden!

    Cocktails are good and depending on your budget you could give small mason jars with a pre-mixed version of that cocktail as your favour? gives them a chance to try some of your favourites and no-one will mind what table they're sitting on if there's free booze!


  • Posted: 7 Aug 2018 11:20

    Re: Table Names

    The wedding I went to on the weekend named their tables after festivals they had been to, and put people on the tables that they associated with that festival! That was fun :) x

  • Posted: 14 Aug 2018 8:05

    Re: Table Names

    This is TRUELY a good idea! I wanna try this! Many thx!

  • Posted: 16 Aug 2018 16:51

    Re: Table Names

    We're doing types of dinosaur :) My HF is still young at heart...

  • Posted: 19 Aug 2018 14:15

    Re: Table Names

    We’re sticking with table numbers (as choosing a theme for naming was too difficult) but were going to use photos with ours, of us each of us at that age. So table 1 will have a picture of each of us from 1 year old and so on. That way the number share a moment in our lives!

  • Posted: 21 Aug 2018 22:53

    Re: Table Names

    I think cocktails is a great idea! Go for it!

    I'm doing 90s big name DJs for my tables :-) 


  • Posted: 27 Aug 2018 23:52

    Re: Table Names

    I'm the same have decided we won't be having numbers. The cocktail idea sounds lovely. Some of the ideas I'm toying with is types of tea (we are huge tea drinkers), years (we've been together 13 years 15 by the time we are married) or types of flowers :) 

  • Posted: 4 Oct 2018 15:03

    Re: Table Names

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    I had took a break from wedding planning for a while  to concentrate on some family things so avoided the website and missed the replies,  Back at it now though,  We have decided to go with cocktails.  

    I think its only fair now that me and h2b go on a date night and trial numerous cocktails to pick our faves from them haha.

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