Table Linen - Buy or Rent?

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  • Posted: 5 Jun 2018 16:23

    Table Linen - Buy or Rent?


    Just wondered what people's thoughts on this were? 

    We've been quoted approx. £11 per round tablecloth (we'll need around 10) and £1 per napkin. This may go up a bit for next year when we get married, and then we have to add on VAT, so I've worked it out as being around the £250-300 mark depending on final numbers, but this seems to be about the average price in our area.

    I've found linen tablecloths and napkins on Amazon for half that, and then we can set up and take them away when we're ready, and sell them on. 

    I'm slightly worried our caterers will take the cloths when they leave, and we'll be left with naked tables for the evening! 

    How easy have people found it to sell on items like this after their weddings, and is the hassle of collecting them up and washing them worth the money saved? 



  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018 8:10

    Re: Table Linen - Buy or Rent?

    I haven't done this (we were planning on getting disposable paper tablecloths for a more casual - and more importantly cheaper vibe) but still, I don't think the caterers would take them... they are professionals and will be used to working in all sorts of different set-ups where people sometimes have their own tablecloths, and will have a thorough list of what's theirs and what's yours, and you can just remind them beforehand if you're still worried.

    As for whether you'll be able to wash and sell them afterwards, I don't know, but if they really are half the price then even if you can't and just end up throwing them out or using them for scrap or donating them to a charity that could use them, it would still be worth it financially!

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