Setting a date Monday or Thursday

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  • Posted: 29 Oct 2019 20:28

    Setting a date Monday or Thursday

    Hello fellow Brides and Grooms and Guests!


    So I can't afford a Friday or Saturday end of. So the question is Monday or Thursday? Now at first glance I could guesstimate that most if you will say Thursday. But here are the pros and cons. 


    Monday and Thursday = if you want to drink you have to take two days off work

    Monday =  You can do pre celebrations on Sunday with family and friends as it's the weekend and everyone is off. 

    Thursday = No ore celebrations as who wants to take a third day off? And would people stay after the wedding for post celebration. Less likely...? 

    I am having 50 people and 44 are retired, self employed or done work so any day of the week is ok for them. 6 people will need to take holiday if they want to come. 


    Evening guests - again all self employed, can drink on a weekday....


    We are having 10 people come in from France so I felt a Monday would maybe suit better than a Thursday in terms of taking less leave from work. 

    So do you start the week with a party or go into the weekend with one?!

  • Posted: 30 Oct 2019 16:04

    Re: Setting a date Monday or Thursday

    My best friend had a thursday wedding. She gave 2 years notice.


    If peopel you invite can't make it work they shouldn't be invited to the wedding....

  • Posted: 30 Oct 2019 18:44

    Re: Setting a date Monday or Thursday

    I guess the advantage with Monday is that people can make the wedding part of a long weekend - so people travelling long distance can make more of the destination without having to take too much time off.  And it will have less of an impact on annual leave entitlement for your overseas/long distance guests.  But I guess it's what works for you - guests will find a way to work with the date if they really want to come.


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