Relaxed 2nd Wedding ideas

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  • Posted: 9 Aug 2018 6:49

    Relaxed 2nd Wedding ideas

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new here 😊

    Ok, so we’ve decided to get married next June. It’s both our 2nd marriages and agreed we just want a very relaxed intimate day. We have other financial commitments which we think take priority over spending thousands on one day.

    Our plan is to marry at Gateshead registry office, then have photos down the quayside and a 3 course meal at Malmaison for everyone (16 adults and 4 children).

    Things I’m struggling to make a decision on are:

    • Can we arrive together with both our children? Is this weird?
    • What to do after our meal, with the 4 children in our party?

    Anyone that has done something similar that has some ideas would be so appreciated.


    Thanks xx

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