Really overwhelmed - please help!

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  • Posted: 17 Apr 2018 9:24

    Really overwhelmed - please help!

    Hello everybody, 

    I have just started looking at wedding venues and I'm completely overwhelmed and wondered if anyone can help.

    We are looking to get married in Europe but I would like to get married indoors and then have a candlelit meal with great views after the civil ceremony.

    We would like something intimate and there will only be around 15-20 guests.


    Thank you 


  • Posted: 23 Apr 2018 15:00

    Re: Really overwhelmed - please help!

    I find that breaking things down really helped. 

    choose a country that appeals to you first- europe is pretty big so i guess its easy to get lost. pretend you're going on holiday and work from which place appeals to you most.

    do you want to be able to get married on the same premises as dinner?- that will help narrow it down as i assume they will need a licence to perform that.

    Also it will help to know what/who you need for catering. if one place can do it all then that's great but if you want to get married somewhere that doesn't do food then thats something else to think about.

    have you thought about hiring an airbnb and caterers for the dinner?- can work out cheaper and more intimate. you can even hire castles on there!

    do you need to think about cars and transport if you decide to do things in different places? 

    is it worth checking out local restaurants near to the actual marriage place- no cleaning up and great local food.

    once you decided on the country, check out trip advisor for reviews

    hope that helps a bit :-) 

  • Posted: 24 Apr 2018 10:28

    Re: Really overwhelmed - please help!

    Oh wow! 

    As the above poster suggested I would look to try and narrow down what country you want to get married in.

    Have you and your fiance been anywhere together that's particularly special for you both? Like a first holiday together destination - that might help you narrow it down. 

    When are you going to get married? In the summer? That might also help narrow down the search as obviously the countries in southern Europe generally have longer summers and milder winters etc. 

    Just on the off chance you like it, I got engaged in Sorrento and when we were there saw this amazing place called Villa Pompeiana. Its a wedding venue and is run by the hotel next to it. 

    The views over the Bay of Naples are incredible and I'm sure they could do ceremony and an evening meal for you. 

    Re the ceremony, when you say civil - do you want to get legally married abroad as well? That might prove difficult, for example in France you would have to own property or be resident etc It might be easier just to have a celebrant conduct a ceremony (which can include ring exchange and vows) and get legally married over here at the register office. 

    Good luck with finding somewhere! 




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