Problems with Photographer

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  • Posted: 6 Sep 2019 22:31

    Problems with Photographer

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for a little bit of advice with regards to our wedding photographer and to get some other opinion s. 

    We got married back in May and had to wait 12 weeks to receive our photos. When we finally did they where put on a Dropbox link and not as described in our contract. The photos did not look edited and most where either sideways or upside down. The photos themselves where good but again, didn’t seem professionally edited as described. We also got sent all 2000 images, as the photographer was “trying to be nice” however a lot of the photos where doubles with peoples eyes closed etc.

    After another 3 weeks of waiting we finally received the photos on a usb as quoted, but they where still orientated incorrectly etc and hardly edited.

    The main issue we have is that we where contacted a couple of weeks ago by another client of the photographer, stating that they had been sent all 2000 of our wedding images! We where pretty devastated to hear this as all our personal memories have been shared with a total stranger. They also have had problems!

    Interested to see people’s opinions on how we should proceed.

  • Posted: 11 Sep 2019 9:38

    Re: Problems with Photographer

    If images are edited the program used usually re- orients them if a portrait image would otherwise display on its side. Do they have the original camera file number or have they been re numbered with perhaps your name and start from number 1. Do any indoor shots look yellow compared to other shots.

    I can not comment on other peoples business practice but when you are delivered xxxthousands its not very likely that they are edited at all and you could be getting 10-15 shots of the same group.

    To put it in perspective a full days wedding photography for me would generate 450-600 fully edited images - depending on type of wedding/size /locations/ elements. But those 450-600 images have each been carefully edited one by one, I take far more than that and pick the best to go forward to the next editing stage where I remove exit signs etc and can swap closed eyes over. It would be much quicker for me and no effort at all if I just gave them all with shut eyes and said here you are have more lower quality rather than a fewer amount at best quality. 

  • Posted: 11 Sep 2019 22:21

    Re: Problems with Photographer

    How much did you pay for these 2000 poorly edited photos as usually pro photographers wouldn't deliver quite that many, usually half that or below unless you had a circus tent, stilt walkers, John Legend singing and the longest confetti line in history :)

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