Prelude Panic

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  • Posted: 9 Mar 2019 9:06

    Prelude Panic

    Morning all

    We're getting married soon ans are running out of time to confirm our music choices to our registrar. It's a civil ceremony.

    Our wedding coordinator has said we'll need 30-40 minutes of music for guest arrival and seating and we're really struggling to find anything appropriate/that we like.

    Can anyone recommend a ready made playlist or album please? My partner is a fan of guitar instrumentals and classical music (I'm not keen but as I won't be there at that point it's entirely his choice). He's turned down my suggestion of the greatest showman soundtrack Big Smile

    Thank you! 



  • Posted: 11 Mar 2019 10:05

    Re: Prelude Panic

    We hired a guitarist to play for me walking down the aisle and the signing of the register etc. It was originally my husbands idea but actually it was lovely. We had perfect by Ed Sheehan, wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton, Shania Twain your still the one and Elvis Presley I cant help falling in love. It was so lovely to hear an alternative version to the songs. They can be found on you tube quiet easily. Good luck!

  • Posted: 16 Mar 2019 8:57

    Re: Prelude Panic

    Movie soundtracks are quite good - Lord of the Rings is good, and there is a couple from Braveheart that are quite soft and romantic. 30-40 minutes sounds like a long time though! I can only think of one wedding where they had music playing as the guests arrived, and that was only about 10 minutes before.

    I haven't thought about welcome music - my brother is playing an acoustic guitar for my bridesmaids and then me, so I may just ask him to play a bit of whatever he likes as a warm up!

    Also, I love your forum name! My bridesmaids are walking in to an acoustic La Vie En Rose! X

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