Pregnant Bridesmaid

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  • Posted: 12 Jan 2019 9:04

    Pregnant Bridesmaid

    I ordered my bridesmaid dresses about 5 months ago since then one of my bridesmaids has let me know that she is expecting. She will be around 26weeks at the time of the wedding- I'm wondering at what point should I get the alterations done or look about ordering a new dress? I'm worried to do it too early because obviously her body will go through a lot of changes but I'm scared to leave it too late in case we run out of time. Please help!!

    I want to make it very clear also- I am in no way moaning about her being pregnant- this is my closest friend and I could not be happier for her and her husband!

  • Posted: 14 Jan 2019 10:42

    Re: Pregnant Bridesmaid

    I would speak to the shop that you ordered from and let them know the situation - they may well have experience in this type of alterations and be able to advise you. Have the dresses arrived? If not, maybe they can order a bigger dress for her then you have more scope for alterations? Is she a regular bridesmaid or MOH? If she is MOH, you could just put her in a different dress anyway? 

    Hope this helps! X

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