Post wedding photography advice

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  • Posted: 24 May 2018 16:45

    Post wedding photography advice


    i was wondering if anyone could give us some advice on our wedding photography experience. we got married last August and had booked our photographer based on recommendations, portfolio and her friendliness and got her booked in ASAP.

    Just listing a couple of the issues we experienced with our photographer, I would love some advice.

    • Our photographer was late on the morning.
    • When she arrived she took irrelevant pictures. (Including pictures of men’s crotch, a Dior perfume advert shot, a picture of my underskirt of my dress, my florist and so forth)
    • There were no pictures of me and my bridesmaids getting ready together in the morning.
    • No bridal shots of me getting ready on the morning.
    • When we went to the venue, she asked me to wait in the car so she could get photos of me getting out. However when we arrived she was nowhere to be seen, as she was busy scoping out the venue to find destinations to photograph later (despite us requesting her to see the venue months beforehand so she could have a look beforehand. But she reassured us that she is experienced and would be able to seek this on the day) 
    • Photographs were repetitive and of the same things
    • Photographs were consistently of the back of guests heads taking a photo of us. Not the photographer taking a photo of us.
    • The day was beautiful and sunny, a lovely 25 degrees. A perfect weather for photographers? Our photographs were over-exposed. Brightness over exaggerated and glaring.
    • We were facing opposite a hill and she chose to photograph us direct face on. Rather than standing on the hill or putting us all on the hill.
    • She didn’t voice any concerns or organise the guests to get the photographs. Resulting a lot of photographs with guests lingering in the background or even worse a bright double yellow line pavement in our photograph. 
    • We realised after the wedding breakfast that no photographs were taken of me and the bridesmaids. We then had to ask for more photographs to be taken.
    • She left immediately after the first dance and missed the bouquet toss.
    • The finalised photos arrived 12 weeks later, 8 weeks later than promised. 
    • Unfortunately as only 1 photo from each set was taken, (example, bride and groom with parents), we needed photographs editing as unfortunately the groom or parents eyes happened to be closed in that one shot she took.
    • She took some photos only in black and white, no colour version available.
    • Furthermore, after some photoshop editing of heads being removed and re-attached to versions of photos, we finally selected our final photos in March and it took just over 2 months to finally get our prints of the photographs. 9 months after we got married.

    We have raised our disappointment to the photographer and her response has been unfriendly and blaming our guests being uncooperative on the day, not even an apology. She straight away jumped on the legal bandwagon and said she has spoken to her legal team and there is nothing that she has done that she can compensate as she feels her work is reflected in our album. We tried to compromise and see if we could organise at least another photo shoot so we could capture some additional photographs of the bride, groom and family and the wedding party. However she is unable to confirm a date and unwilling to travel. 

    We have since spoken to 2 more professional photographers who have confirmed that our album consists of over-exposed and consisted of irrelevant photographs. (The crotch shots and Dior advert)

    Needless to say I am absolutely heartbroken at our wedding experience and we don’t even have the wedding photos to remember the day by. We will never ever be able to repeat this day ever again or afford to at the least. Does anyone have any advice they can give? Do we have a case? ☹️


  • Posted: 15 Apr 2019 22:31

    Re: Post wedding photography advice


    i don’t know if you will see this as you posted a while ago. I have come across your story & I had to message you as your experience sounds SPOOKILY the same as the experience I had with my wedding photos. Irrelevant pictures, limited choice of key shots, poor set up (we got bins & hand sanitizers in ours), uncoooperative photographer who blamed your guests for their appalling photography.. it’s the same story!! I am so intrigued to know if we had the same person. Would you share who yours was?

    As a person who went through months of upset over their photos, I completely empathise. It’s a horrible feeling. 

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