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  • Posted: 24 Oct 2019 15:40

    Paul Hubbard photography

    Has anyone had Paul and his team as our photographer and videographer for our big day. He gave us a really great  discount on our package but I thought id check online before we go ahead with them. the thing is we tried to look for reviews on popular wedding sites but can't find anything recent about them at all.

    opinions and / or advice pls?

    I can't post links yet but Google Paul Hubbard photography and it should come up. Thanks !!

  • Posted: 25 Oct 2019 19:05

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    I would say his work looks cheap so I would expect a large discount. His style is very old school these days and a little tacky in places. 

  • Posted: 31 Oct 2019 13:50

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    We met him at National Wedding show a couple of weeks ago. He also gave us a really nice discount to be our videographer for the day (we already had booked another guy as our photographer) and shown us sample videos during the event. The sample videos were really impressive and since he gave us a discount, we decided to go for it. He asked for 20% of the total amount and we paid by BACS (he said he doesn't take credit card payments).

    When we got home, we were so excited so we decided to look him up on YouTube. We found his YouTube page and to our horror, the videos there look nothing like the sample videos that he showed us!! They look like they were done by an amateur who have zero experience in videography and post production edits. We contacted him right away and politely told him our disappointment but he got very defensive and aggressive and started accusing us that we found someone cheaper and refused to give us our money back.

    We tried to report him to the event organisers so that he won't be able to dupe other couples in the future but the event organisers didn't care at all.

    Ultimately, it was our fault for not checking him out before we gave him our money. It's a smart move on your part to ask around before booking. As you said, he's not on any main wedding review sites at all like Hitched, so who knows what the couples really think about his work. It's up to you if you still want to go ahead with him. I'm just sharing my horrible experience with him that left me brokenhearted and short of money.

  • Posted: 1 Nov 2019 18:11

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    He's posting regularly on his Facebook page, so he obviously does a lot.  But he's disabled reviews, which is unusual for a business.  The reviews on his website will be selected and posted by him, but businesses can't delete unfavourable reviews from their Facebook pages without completely removing the 'review' option... He may have a good reason for doing this (e.g. someone posting untrue/nasty things out of spite) but if it were me, I'd be happier finding some independent reviews (not ones from his own website) before I booked a photographer.

    Regarding the photos themselves, it's down to personal style preference.  There's nothing technically wrong with any of them, it's just whether you like the way he photographs weddings.  

  • Posted: 4 Nov 2019 0:29

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    Check in the wedding scammers facebook group

  • Posted: 8 Nov 2019 16:40

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    Oh my, after seeing a previous post on this discussion, I checked out his Youtube myself.  OP, I REALLY hope you haven't booked this person - his videos are dire! I've seen amateur videos made by keen hobby videographers that were a million times better than this.  If you haven't already booked him, then please, please don't!

  • Posted: 8 Nov 2019 23:01

    Re: Paul Hubbard photography

    Sadly videographers rip off others all the time. We’ve had it on a number of occasions where people have shown OUR videos at wedding shows thinking we will never find out. They aren’t brave enough to put it on their website as we will definitely catch them.

    If anyone does this then you can definitely cancel as it's both mis-selling and fraud as the product you get with 100% not be anything like the fake showreels. We often walk the halls of wedding shows and see people showing work from people in the USA and other countries as we recognise the work of others. They think they are safe using something from people overseas. They seem to forget that a good percentage of visitors to wedding shows are other vendors 

    Not saying that’s what Paul has done but always check the website after a show to make sure things tally up.  

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