Outdoor Wedding July Staffordshire?

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  • Posted: 26 Aug 2019 15:59

    Outdoor Wedding July Staffordshire?

    Hi all 


    I have the option of booking a Thursday wedding in early July (2nd or 9th 2020). 

    As the grounds of Modershall Oaks (the venue) are very picturesque I wondered if I am being a little silly to get my hopes of having an outdoor wedding up? 


    Has anyone planned for an outdoor wedding and been disappointed by the weather on the day? 


    Of the two dates mentioned, do you think there is anything worth considering in deciding between them?


    We plan to have a very small ceremony and family have confirmed that they can attend already as we were naturally a little worried about hosting it on a weekday. 


    Any advice greatly appreciated!

  • Posted: 9 Sep 2019 8:32

    Re: Outdoor Wedding July Staffordshire?


    we have booked our wedding for July 2021 (also Staffordshire!) and are hoping to have the ceremony outside and drinks / mingling outside. The main thing that helped us was viewing lots of venues on AWFUL weather and realising they either didn’t have a good bad weather contingency or the indoor ceremony option wasn’t as nice. We picked our venue as the outside ceremony will be lovely, but if bad weather forces us to have it inside we know we’ll still be happy and not disappointed and that helped make the decision - hope that helps!

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