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  • Posted: 26 Jan 2019 17:55

    Online Invites with a website



    We're looking to send our wedding invites via email and also have a website with some additional details. There are plenty of options out there, but I'd rather try and keep everything in one place. Is anyone aware of a website that can do all of the following? 


    - import the guestlist

    - send wedding invites for all day guests

    - send wedding invites for evening guests

    - RSVP without having to re-key their email address on a website

    - ask additional questions in the RSVP (dietary requirements etc.) 

    - have a linked website where a gift list can be used

    - send follow up emails 


    I don't mind having to pay a few quid for the right solution, any help appreciated! 



  • Posted: 2 Feb 2019 11:23

    Re: Online Invites with a website

    not found anything decent so far, any ideas?

  • Posted: 3 Feb 2019 17:38

    Re: Online Invites with a website

    I haven’t looked into this yet, but interest if there are any good websites too

  • Posted: 5 Feb 2019 9:09

    Re: Online Invites with a website

    I'm using, and this allows me to import the guest list, check for dietary requirements - you can set up a tick box or a box for them to type into. 

    You can also set up a blog, a Q&A section (guests can also enter questions on here), and you can import gift lists I think, although that might be just with Prezola.

    I don't think you can send invites from there - I'm still sending paper invites, but you could probably just send an email with the link. 

    You can set up a password for guests, and separate them into day and evening - so for example I'm giving my day guests one password, and evening guests another, that way they RSVP to the correct part of the day. 

    This is all on the free version, I don't know if there might be more of what you are looking for on the paid version, but it's a really nice, straightforward site to use. 

    Hope this helps! X

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