Massive Wedding regrets

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  • Posted: 5 Aug 2019 21:05

    Massive Wedding regrets

    Hi everyone 


    Just wanted to post to get things off my chest and see if anyone has any ideas/tips to help me deal with this. 

    I feel so disappointed and embarrassed about how my wedding went. Things went wrong from the get go, my hairdresser was late and took ages doing my hair, which meant I had hardly anytime to do my make up. So getting ready was a great big rushed panic and I couldn't enjoy getting into my dress and having photos. And I absolutely hated my hair, the hairdresser forgot what I asked him to do in my trial and I ended up with a bit of a beehive. 

    We were nearly 20 mins late walking down the aisle, and I found out later the registrar and my sister in law (one of the ushers) were running round asking people where we were. The ceremony was OK but I regret not having any readings as the guests could've been a bit bored. After that ceremony my husband hugged me really hard, which was lovely, but he broke one of the straps on my dress (it was originally a strapless dress and I sewed some straps on myself, which was a stupid idea as I'm no sewing expert!). This then meant I had to wear a faux fur shrug for most of the photos, and you couldn't see my dress which is such a shame as it was beautiful and an expensive gift from my mum. 

    We hired a cheap photographer and the photos aren't that great, lots of me looking a bit tipsy. 

    The worst bit was when the car came to pick us up from the ceremony venue, to take us down to the harbour where the boat would pick us up for our reception. The driver hadn't planned the route so he got lost, meaning all the guests wer ewaiting for us at the harbour for at least 10 mins. We'd had fish and chips delivered to the boat and by the time we got there they were cold. I was mortified. 

    We asked a friend to make a pavlova instead of a cake, which tasted lovely, but didn't look that great as she ran out of time to Decorate it. 

    After the boat trip we went to the pub which was really busy. We didn't have a proper evening do as I have a health condition and was worried id be too tired. But in retrospect I would've been absolutely fine. I did enjoy the day and lots of people said they had a great time, I just have so many regrets and wish I could do the whole thing again. 


    Does anyone else feel like this, or have any tips on how to get past this? 

  • Posted: 9 Aug 2019 18:27

    Re: Massive Wedding regrets

    Hi, I hope you’re feeling better about things, one thing I will say is I bet things seem worse to you in your mind than to everybody else. Honestly, I think Your wedding sounds lovely, love the idea of the boat and going to a pub, honestly sometimes for guests that is what they want, they just want to celebrate your big day. 10 mins doesn’t sound to long to be waiting for you at the harbour and 20 mins late down the aisle doesn’t seem too bad in all honesty, I get for you it’s frustrating people not being in time when you have times to stick to but I’m sure it didn’t spoil the day for the guests :-) Totally get why you would get annoyed at hair dresser though, if he hasn’t listened to you when you have had a trial and turned up late that is very unprofessional but I bet you still looked lovely. Do you not like the quality of the pictures or do you just not like the pictures of you? Does everyone else like the pictures? If you aren’t happy with the portraits you could always arrange for a photo shoot with a new photographer and get dressed in your dress again at the venue perhaps and then you have a nice portrait on your wall? Maybe not the same but just an idea if you really hate them . It sounds like maybe you need a project or something to look forward to. Did you go away on a honeymoon or do you have a holiday you could try and focus on the future with your husband and think of ideas of trips away perhaps or days out? I know it’s nice to have a posh cake etc but honestly how many people put pictures up of their cake. And also if it tasted lovely that’s all people want :-) Hope you feel better about things ... I know lots of thought and work goes in to a wedding I know you want everything to go perfect but the most important thing is the you and your groom are happy and you have all your future ahead of you and can plan some lovely things to look forward to :-) Xxx
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