Low Cost wedding party months after wedding - advice on a few things please!

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  • Posted: 16 May 2018 10:29

    Low Cost wedding party months after wedding - advice on a few things please!

    Hi All

    So we're officially 'engaged' now as of a week ago! My partner and I had already decided we were going to get married in Las Vegas whilst on holiday next summer but he's made it official now which is pretty exciting!


    Because it's likely to just be the two of us, we'll be having a party a few months after we get back to celebrate. Likely September time, once the busy summer season is over.


    I have a few things I'd like your opinion on though...


    As it's not really our wedding reception, we won't be asking for gifts, instead to cut costs we'd like to play on the fact we went to America by asking people to bring a plate of something rather than a present (American Supper) do you think people would take offence to this or is it something you wouldn't mind? Personally I would love to go to a wedding like that and see what creations people have made.

    Similarly to cut costs, we're thinking of having a village hall wedding reception - has anyone been to or is organising something like this? Did you find it hard to make it look nice or did you just throw yourselves into the vintage theme?

    I'm also looking to buy a second-hand wedding dress, does anyone have any experience on this? I'm thinking of going to a shop to try a a few on and get my measurements - wedding dress sizes can be different to your actual size i've heard? I know there's a few dodgy websites out there where I've heard peoples dresses have turned up looking totally different, so i'm trying to avoid those!


    Basically I'm super laid back about the whole thing and we really would just love to have a party rather than put a "wedding reception" stamp on it.  Especially where it'll be a few months later. We've just bought our first home and are renovating it so money is tight, which is why we thought we'd treat ourselves to a holiday next year and we thought we might as well get married out there! However to celebrate with friends and family we wanted to do something when we get home, especially where certain family members might be a bit disappointed they won't be able to come to Vegas.

    So any ideas you have for low budget things to make it a bit special would be great, a friend has already said she'll make a cake and another friend has a cool vintage American truck which he said he would drive us there in, so costs are saved already on certain things. I'm also keen to get my flowers from the supermarkets here and put a few arrangements together myself. 


    Thanks All!

  • Posted: 16 May 2018 23:07

    Re: Low Cost wedding party months after wedding - advice on a few things please!

    Hey! It all sounds like a great idea to me! I can only comment on one part of it, the food - I went to a wedding last year where everyone was asked to bring a dish and it worked really well, it made for a lovely varied buffet, and they made exceptions for people who were coming a really long way but most people weren't so it was fine. I guess it depends on how laid back your family and friends are. If you've got anyone who's a bit snobby they might say something but I'd hope they'd understand. The one we went to, they just explained that they really wanted to invite everyone, and didn't want to have to leave anyone out, so this was the only way they could afford to do that. Everyone understood that and we were just pleased to be able to come and have fun. It was a really fun, laid back wedding, it was great!

  • Posted: 17 May 2018 12:22

    Re: Low Cost wedding party months after wedding - advice on a few things please!

    Thank you so much, this is the type of party we're going for!

    Luckily my partners family are super foodies so I'm sure even with their input alone it would be an amazing spread!

    I'm glad to know you enjoyed it like that, I'm hoping I don't know anyone that snobby that it would be an issue!!

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