Long Distance Relationship/Wedding???

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  • Posted: 13 Aug 2019 21:32

    Long Distance Relationship/Wedding???


    So me and my partner have been together 6 years and engaged for 2 years. We want to get married in 2021 as I want to be 21 years old when we get married. Anyway, we are currently in a long distance relationship, I'm currently spending half of my time at home in South Wales, UK and the other half at my partners in Newcastle, Although planning on moving in permanently with her at the end of this year/beginning of next. There is a 300 mile difference and we are struggling on deciding a place to get married.

    What would you do in our situation? Do we just find a place in the middle or just decide on either of our home locations, I just don't want our family falling out or getting upset if we choose the others town if you get what I mean? Also tips on cheapish weddings will be much appreciated as we wont have lots and lots of cash!

    Thank you!

  • Posted: 14 Aug 2019 10:35

    Re: Long Distance Relationship/Wedding???

    As for where to get married I would suggest Newcastle as that is where your life will be then and people will understand that. My husband and I got married in Edinburgh as that’s where our life was and our guests traveled 25 miles from East and West Lothian, 70-80miles from various places in Ayrshire and 400 miles from the south of England. We booked a hotel for our wedding breakfast and evening reception for £5600 for 75 adults. That price included a glass of fizz for everyone at the drinks reception, half a bottle of wine each for the table and a second glass of fizz for the speeches. Table centre pieces and a DJ for the evening. As we’re in Scotland we could also have had a piper to pipe us in to the evening reception 

  • Posted: 14 Aug 2019 18:14

    Re: Long Distance Relationship/Wedding???

    If you are going to move to Newcastle, then I would personally have the wedding in South Wales on the basis that you will see all the family and friends in Newcastle all the time, but if anyone from South Wales can't afford the journey down to Newcastle, you missed that opportunity to spend some quality time with them too.  If you do something in the middle you are costing everyone money, as opposed to just one side.  Or figure out which side is more likely to take the time to travel, only you know your guests.

    Figure out your headcount, look to get married out of season and maybe on a week day, all these will keep the costs down.  Then maybe find a hotel that does a special deal, that can offer affordable accommodation on site, then have a twilight wedding so you only have to feed everybody once.  These are just a few things to do to save a few ££'s.   Good luck x

  • Posted: 19 Aug 2019 9:06

    Re: Long Distance Relationship/Wedding???

    I would choose somewhere near to where you will

    be living. My family are Newcastle and other half’s in Devon/Salisbury area. We live in London so getting married just outside of London. 


    On on another note, some lovely locations near Newcastle to get married... doxford barns are gorgeous as is ellingham hall

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