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  • Posted: 7 Jan 2020 14:09


    Hi ladies looking for some perspective here as its causing lots of heated discussion at home 😖

    H2b is wearing a kilt for the big day and we are having a small daytime wedding with only 28 people there.

    We have a son who will be wearing the same kilt as his dad and there are 2 best men who are also wearing the same kilt along with H2b's's where it all starts to go wrong. H2b seems to think that any one who wants to wear a kilt on the day can, now I am not against this I just do not want them wearing the same kilt as the grooms party but h2b does not understand why this would be an issue.

    I just cant get my head round how we can have any guests who feel like it turning up dressed like the grooms party, when they are not In the grooms party to begin with. Add in the fact there will only be around 14 men there during the day I just think it would look rather silly having a majority of them looking like they are all ushers etc when they arent. 

    Its stressing me out and h2b thinks I'm being unreasonable but we had planned on keeping things relaxed and low key, hence the small numbers attending and it just doesnt fit the vision I had for our big day.

    What's your thoughts? Am I being uptight and should just let everyone carry on an do as they please regarding wearing a kilt or not?


  • Posted: 7 Jan 2020 16:33

    Re: Kilts

    Would anyone else actually turn up in kilts. Im not sure if anyone else would turn up in kilts unless they are Scottish - in which case they would be wearing their family/clan kilt which would be different from the groomsmen and ushers. The grooms-men would also be different from any other at the wedding as they would also have matching buttonholes.  

    And all the wedding party could have matching jackets and waistcoat and shirt colour.

  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 7:41

    Re: Kilts

    Loads of male guests wear kilts to weddings up here in Scotland so it’s a perfectly normal thing to do!

  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 12:21

    Re: Kilts

    My husband wore a kilt for the first time on our wedding day made from his family tartan - those who had kilts wore theirs too - it was lovely to see the men dressed up and it never occurred to me to be bothered that they were dressed similar to my husband - the fact that it showed a family connection was very endearing.  To be honest, unless you've got a Scottish connection and have a kilt, I can't imagine you'd want to go out and buy/rent one, but if anyone does, so what?  Unless they know the exact tartan it's unlikely they'd be identical?

  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 12:48

    Re: Kilts

    To be honest, unless you've got a Scottish connection and have a kilt,

    Reminds me I photographed a wedding where the groom really wanted to wear a kilt and was determined to find a Scottish connection in his family tree - he did and wore a kilt and looked great Big Smile  

  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 13:42

    Re: Kilts


    We are Scottish so it's just the norm for the groom to be in a kilt. I'd be happy for other guests to wear a kilt of their choice just not the same one as the groom. Also the idea of maybe a different colour jacket for those not in the grooms party could be a good compromise.  

  • Posted: 11 Jan 2020 19:48

    Re: Kilts

    I agree with those who think it's unlikely guests will turn up in kilts unless they are Scots in which case, they will be wearing their own tartan.  

    I really wouldn't worry about it.

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