Just starting out....

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  • Posted: 28 Dec 2017 14:24

    Just starting out....

    As the title says.....newly engaged!


    But oh my it's overwhelming. I've been married before but that was a 3 month planned registry office.


    But I'm getting really.overwhelmed with even just looking at venues, we loved the idea of a Diy outdoor wedding, but was scared by the amount of work/cost involved.


    Found a venue we liked and is pratical but can't help but feel we are compromising, and paying for a minimum amount of people we wouldn't invited it we were paying per head, neither of us have a huge amount of friends and my family's tiny. 


    Plus every time I've seen his parents after a family wedding they have been mega judgey, it was outdoors, no sit down meal, not enough on buffet ect


    Ohhhhh man just so overwhelming and in need of some words of encouragement that it isn't as hard as it seems!!!


    Is a diy wedding expensive over all and a lot of hard work?

  • Posted: 2 Jan 2018 10:00

    Re: Just starting out....

    Congratulations :)

    DIY weddings can be really special and I love the idea of having something a little different or unique. It can definitely take a bit more effort and time to get right but it's worth it in the end.

    Try to enjoy the process and being able to put your own stamp on your day. One of the benefits of DIY weddings is that they can usually be budget friendly if you get imaginative with it, and this is where the fun comes in!

    The other thing to mention is the freedom that you will allow yourself. Some hotel weddings state that you have to use their suppliers, caterers, bands etc if you are going to use their venue. If you're doing things DIY and outdoors then pretty much anything goes and you can really have things your way.

    Package weddings are easier at the end of the day but can lack personality in my opinion. Once you start thinking about how you would like your day to look and play out, the pieces will start to fall into place!

  • Posted: 4 Jan 2018 16:17

    Re: Just starting out....


    Congratulations on your engagement!


    We had the same problem with packages as our guest list is not very long and we wouldn't have met the minimum guest requirement for a package (mostly 50 day guests). Our venue offered to mix and match items such as drinks on arrival, sit down meal, evening buffet etc. and only pay for the amount of guest being present. In return they charged a small-ish room hire fee. This still worked out cheaper as paying for the whole package. Worth asking if your chosen venue would do this as well.

    As for the DIY wedding...surely a great idea as I agree with the previous comment that you can totally personalize it. However don't underestimate the workload. It can take a lot of time and crafting 30 or 40 same items can soon get boring. I'm making 35 little tissue boxes for the "Happy tears" and can't wait to cut out the last one :-) And it always looks a lot easier on pinterest as it actually is lol

    Also regarding the costs I don't necessarily agree with the previous comment. Making things yourself is not always cheaper than buying it. I made our invitations myself and I don't think I have saved anything. Only reason I done it was that we have a very specific wedding theme (Bavarian/British) and I wouldn't have been able to get what I wanted ready made. Also I'm doing our table center pieces myself - for the same reason - and they won't be cheap either.

    Maybe think of what exactly you want to make and write down what you need for it. Then go online (ie hobbycraft) and put together a shopping basket of the things. This gives you a rough idea on the costs. 

    Whatever you decide on doing always bear in mind it is your day and you and you OH should plan it the way you want it to be. No other family member or friend should make you go for something you're not happy with.

    Enjoy the planning!






  • Posted: 15 Jun 2018 15:49

    Re: Just starting out....

    We arranged a DIY Engagement party - at our local B&Q Superstore.  So much to do - discus projects, choose fittings et for gift lists and best of all the manager let some of us have a go on those wobbly hover boards you see on the adverts.  No refreshements by DeliveryWHO overcame that.

  • Posted: 19 Jun 2018 9:44

    Re: Just starting out....

    Firstly, congratulations!!!

    Secondly, if his parents want to be judgey - that's up to them. Don't let it affect what you choose for your day. If you are worried that they will moan, just don't tell them what you are planning - tell them it's a surprise. Hopefully, they won't be rude enough to criticise anything on the day, and honestly if they want to moan to themselves, let them, as long as you have a lovely day.

    We're doing a mix of DIY and not - I'm making a lot of the decorations and the invites, plus we are growing our own flowers for the centrepieces.

    For us, this is reducing costs, but as the post above says, that isn't always the case, so do shop around. 

    Our venue allows us to choose our own band/caterers/bar, everything with no commission or corkage fees, which is great, so look around for something like that to give you the most options, and save you from being too restricted. 

    Hope that helps! X

  • Posted: 19 Jun 2018 11:49

    Re: Just starting out....

    Congrats to you both! 


    You know, my SIL had a huge Catholic wedding with 170 people and a hotel reception. (They divorced and she's now remarried). We had a simple 20 guest register office wedding with a meal in a function room that charged nothing for the room as long as at least 20 people had a full meal. It was not at all extravagant except one little indulgence of mine (6 white doves that we released). I am pretty sure my FIL preferred our wedding, as he was more relaxed and didn't have to be on his best behaviour. (SIL's was one of those American weddings where they announce all the bridal party as they walk in etc). 

    Could you afford to hire a coordinator to help you just on the day?


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