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  • Posted: 12 May 2019 17:03

    John Haris Surrey Videographer

    Hi Brides/ Brides to Be,

    If anyone is getting married in Surrey, please stay away from John Haris videography. There is a thread on here about him (however it seems to have disappeared). He takes your payment in full 30 days before the wedding, attends the wedding but does not follow through and give you your wedding footage! We got married at the Great Fosters on July 28th 2018 and we are STILL waiting for our footage, despite being told it would initially be with us from 2-4 weeks. John and his company have NEVER initiated contact with us so since we have been married we have constantly been emailing him but usually get no reply or get given lies and false promises. They won’t give us a refund and they won’t give us our footage! It is disgusting. I am aware that there are brides from April 2018 that are in the same situation. If you are one of them please comment on here as my sister works on PR and is going to do a piece on this. She needs brides that have been duped by him to share their story etc. 

    Thanks - Emma x

  • Posted: 15 May 2019 22:32

    Re: John Haris Surrey Videographer

    You may be able to find other affected brides via the Wedding Scammers facebook group:

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