Is it ok to go to hen party but not wedding

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  • Posted: 19 Sep 2019 13:49

    Is it ok to go to hen party but not wedding

    Hi everyone, quick question please,

    My stepbrother is getting married (for his 3rd time and her 1st) and the wedding is in Santorini. I've been invited to the hen do in Marbella as I'd like to get to know her better as we don't see that much of them, which I've committed to and my DH is going on Stag in Portugal.

    Now the flights and costs are coming out and we realise it's going to cost a lot!!!! And they are planning a wedding party when they get back for everyone who couldn't go to the wedding. 

    Is it OK that we go on hen/stag but not wedding and go to the party when they are back, where I'm sure they'll wear their outfits and have a wedding video etc at the party?

    (Other factors are it's our daughters last year of primary school, it clashes with her SATS, we'll have to take her out of school as no-one to have her, but it's likely out of the family we'll probably be the only ones not going to Santorini, but we'd like our own summer holiday at some point next year too).

    Thoughts? thanks Emma

  • Posted: 9 Oct 2019 8:57

    Re: Is it ok to go to hen party but not wedding

    Only the bride and groom can answer this for you. I've been told Santorini is really expensive so maybe check what the bride and groom are providing in the way of food whilst you're there? Also, it's not very far away, could you and your DH afford to go for a couple of nights and just go to the wedding?

    There's so many factors in this that need breaking down and looking at before you can make a proper decision. I also think that if you're asking this Q now, you'll regret not going.

    As an ex Primary Teacher I would never advise taking a child out during SATs; they set them up for secondary school. See if you can find out what your Local Authority does if a child is too unwell to be at school during SATs week? Can they re-sit them later? 

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