Ingrown hair scars....

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  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 21:18

    Ingrown hair scars....

    Hi Hitchers!

    Hopefully somebody can help to give me some advice on fading ingrown hair scars as I've looked online loads of times but mostly they say to just give it time, and that they don't fade completely :(

    A few years ago I bought an epilator for hair removal on my legs. I'm quite dark haired and so shaving my legs all the time was so tiresome.....regrowth was quick, stubbly and dark. So when I invested in the epilator I thought I had the answer! The first few times I used it, it was great as I could get about 4 weeks between having to use it. Then I started to notice small red bumps all over my legs.....which turned out to be ingrown hairs :( the bumps eventually go down and the red mark turns dark purple then fades slowly. But even though I've not used the epilator for a couple of years and have went back to shaving, I still continue to get these ingrown hairs :(

    I can honestly say it's really affected my confidence :( I'm 32 now but in my 20s I loved my legs and thought they were my best body part. I don't like having cleavage on show so I'd always wear dresses and skirts, and loved beach holidays. But now I hide under tights and hate people seeing my legs on holiday. I rarely take my daughter swimming anymore and rarely let my OH see my bare legs :( 

    Can anybody offer any advice? Thanks in advance xx

  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 22:44

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    Try a good scrub and a product called tendskin, I always get them on the outside of my calves, but this sorts them out. It does contain aspirin so be careful if you're allergic.

    dont let it stop you doing what you love, they really will only be noticeable to you. I scratch mine in my sleep (I'm pregnant so can't use at the mo) and shred my legs really badly (worse than than the ingrown hairs and scars) but people really haven't noticed.

  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 22:58

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    Ah this could be me exactly! Wish I'd never bloody started using the epilator! Sorry no useful info, but will be watching this thread with interest! 

  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 23:04

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    I have an issues with ingrowing scars as well so l would love to know how people have sorted them out

  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 23:05

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    I also could have written this. I now exfoliate my legs with a scrub before shaving, don't shave my legs too often (twice a week at the most in summer, once a week in winter) and moisturise well after shaving. It does take a long time but my scars have now faded and I don't get ingrown hairs anymore.

    Edit: I completely forgot to mention the most important piece of advice! Shave in the direction of the hairs, not against them. You won't get quite as smooth a shave but you won't get ingrown hairs anymore.

  • Posted: 26 Dec 2013 23:36

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    Oh my goodness, I'm delighted to have got a reply, especially finding out other people have the same problem (in the nicest possible way lol!) 

    I also scratch at my legs in my sleep, meaning they don't heal up fact at times they get worse. 

    We went abroad at Easter and met a lovely couple and I remember standing next to the lady while she was on her sun lounger, and she looked at my legs and asked if I'd been bitten by mosquitoes! 

    I would love to get away with only shaving twice a week in summer but unfortunately my skin is pale and my hair is dark.....but I'll definitely try shaving in the same direction of the regrowth!

    Im not sure what peoples opinions are of the whole garter removal thing, but I find the idea of it quite funny and wouldn't mind too much.....but I'd just die if OH hitched up my dress to reveal horrible scarred legs!

    Thanks again everyone for the replies......I'll definitely try all the suggestions mentioned and keep you posted how I get on! xx

  • Posted: 27 Dec 2013 0:07

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    I used to feel horribly self conscious about my legs so I know how you feel, but shaving in the direction of the regrowth is definitely key to stopping the ingrown hairs, and exfoliating and moisturising will fade the scars over time. Good luck! 

  • Posted: 28 Dec 2013 13:56

    Re: Ingrown hair scars....

    I thought I was alone in this too until I did a little research online a while ago. I do use an epilator still and I make sure that I exfoliate, use body bitter straight after epilating and use an intensive moituriser on a daily basis. I found a boots own ingrowing hair treatment ( which helps reduce the swelling and does help prevent them coming back. To help with the scars I found the body shop vitamin E stuff or bio oil really helps. I've still got a few scars and find the lumps come back unless I remove the hair causing the problem.

    Hope this helps 

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