In between food.

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  • Posted: 30 Aug 2019 11:02

    In between food.

    Hi me and h2b are getting married at 4pm at the registry office reason we went for a late marriage due to my h2b having Parkinson's he could never last an all day wedding.

    We have booked the local village hall for the reception venue which is massive, now what i was thinking is we will possibly be at the hall around 5:30 after the ceremony and evening guests wont he invited till around 7 as the DJ wont be setup till aroundlike  7:30 ... We have a cold evening buffet for the evening £5 a head and were thinking about 8/8:30 we are expecting about 100 guests on the evening and we are paying for 80.

    What we were thinking its a lomg time from dinnertime till 8/8:30?

    So what could we do in the meantime to feed the guests? 

    Ant ideas would be appreciated.... We have around 40 adults and 15 children attending the ceremony.

    Thanks x

  • Posted: 31 Aug 2019 9:39

    Re: In between food.

    I think you should be ok. Make sure that the 40 know its a buffet at 8.30 and to have a good breakfast and lunch. Even if any guest have an hours travel = arrive for 3.30 leave at 2.30 big lunch at 1.30. As its a village hall I am guessing that it is self catering so you could easily put out some big bowls of crisps, sausage rolls -pork pies. But you may have to think about something extra for the kids.

    What is more concerning is this

    we are expecting about 100 guests on the evening and we are paying for 80.

  • Posted: 1 Sep 2019 12:10

    Re: In between food.

    Ah at least once 25 of them are children, toddlers or babys.

  • Posted: 9 Sep 2019 10:34

    Re: In between food.

    I don't know where this modern idea came from that you don't cater children but you in fact do still have to feed children, if anything they eat more than adults because they eat little and often.

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