Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

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  • Posted: 17 Feb 2014 23:51

    Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

    I'm getting married in November and am well on my way with organising stuff but struggling to know what to do about flowers, both for myself and my bridesmaids.  They're just SO expensive and I'm really not fussed, but, I'm a terrible fiddler and feel like I should have something to hold as I go down the aisle otherwise I'll end up playing with my hair or something.  My flower girls are having fairy wands but at 34 I guess I'm a bit old for that and think my BMs will feel the same!  Any ideas for something else we could carry?  I like the idea of carrying a book but i don't have any significant 1st editions or similar and would look a bit daft carrying the latest James Patterson down the aisle!  

    Any ideas gratefully received!

  • Posted: 18 Feb 2014 0:05

    Re: Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

    There are all kinds of alternatives to fresh flower bouquets...

    Artificial flower bouquets?

    Button bouquets?

    Origami flower bouquets?

    Pearl bouquets?

    Felt flower bouquets?

    Broach bouquets?

    Bauble bouquets?


    Or you could not bother with anything resembling a bouquet and go for...

    clutch bags?



    or muffs?


    I personally really like the fans although I suppose they aren't really suited to a winter wedding!


    Edit: Just seen this and think it looks really cute...

    You've still got over 9 months to go, could you not do some charity shop searching for some old books? They wouldn't have to be first editions, etc I wouldn't have thought, just be pretty, oldish looking hardback books?

  • Posted: 18 Feb 2014 7:14

    Re: Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

    I looked at flowers for our wedding but they turned out uber expensive so instead my sister and mum made these, sister made the flowers using a sizzix machine then hand stitched the detail on and mum put them all together. I even had a little watch face so i could keep track of the time!


  • Posted: 18 Feb 2014 22:42

    Re: Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

    Thank you for your replies.  It has made me realise that you don't HAVE to go with the norm and can grab hold of anything that feels right!  Subsequently I feel like I've solved the problem.  I had a photo through of my flower girl wands today and realised that, you know what, I'm only gonna do this once.  It's my day, I'm gonna be a princess and if I want a fairy wand, 34 or not, I'm going to have one.  My wand lady is making me a wand to match my dress but adding blue accents to complement those of my flower girls.  Plus I get butterflies which is of major significance to me, and wand lady charges a fraction of a florist and hey, I'll be able to cast spells on my wedding day.

    As for my bridesmaids, I've solved that too.  Since my OH and I have chosen bridesmaids and bridesmen each, I'm simply going to have my men walk down the aisle with me as well as my maids (as I had originally thought) - then they can link arms (both sets are couples anyway) PLUS have a flower girl each - who's gonna have free hands to hold flowers anyway?

    So what do you think? Am I insane?

  • Posted: 18 Feb 2014 23:06

    Re: Ideas please, ladies! Bouquet alternatives!

    Sounds lovely, do it.

    im having origami flowers with a bit of gypsophila mixed in but going to put them together myself with future mil help. I personally just don't want to spend a fortune on something that only lasts a day or so then is gone. At least with a dres you can go and stare at in a wardrobe every few months!

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