Hyde House - catering help!!

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  • Posted: 10 Jun 2018 22:36

    Hyde House - catering help!!

    hi all,

    i wanted to reach out to anyone who has been married at Hyde House (Hyde Barn) in stow on the Wold, basically I asked them many times about the food and catering for gluten and dairy free as a lot of our guests (including myself and fiancé) are both. I was told time and time again that they can cater etc. However, only 5 months away from the wedding and they’ve sent a gf and df menu which has practically no hot foods for canapé, starters, desserts or mains! When questioned and asked if they could do gf df fish and chips they said the chef has added a £2pp supplement!

    obviously I’m so upset because they didn’t state any of this before and if they did I would’ve known what to expect and not choosen Hyde House as they can’t cater to us. 

    what have other couples experienced at Hyde House? 

    TIA x

  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018 6:20

    Re: Hyde House - catering help!!

    I’ve got no experiences with the venue or food intolerances, but, from an outside perspective I’d say that you need to push the issue. If they didn’t make it explicity clear during booking that you’d have to pay extra to get a hot meal then I think it’s unfair (we’ll just plain wrong) for them to expect you to do so! I’d be tempted to arrange a meeting with the venue/coordinator and discuss your concerns. Hopefully they’ll recognise that it’s not an unreasonable request/assumption to have a hot meal and if they don’t, I wonder if you’ll have a legal case against them.  

  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018 6:54

    Re: Hyde House - catering help!!

    Regardless of whether your are GF or not this is totally unacceptable in my book. Your dietary requirements aren't something you've decided on a whim and even if they are a choice rather than for medical reasons like Chrons they should still accomodate them. I swear this is a tactic of a lot of venues. Say nothing is too much hassle and then slap a charge on just because they can. I'd refuse to pay. This isn't a choice for you, this is a requirement. FWIW I don't know many places these days that do fish and chips that aren't GF as standard.

  • Posted: 12 Jun 2018 9:55

    Re: Hyde House - catering help!!

    Thank you for your Views 🤗. So basically there’s more to it, originally told we would have a good tasting earlier on in the year but when we asked they had it in July. We complained and this whole GF and DF issue above happened after the complaint. They gave us a complimentary food tasting which will be in 2 weeks now instead of the end of July. As we live in London it’s far to go there but it may be our only choice. We have sent another complaint email stating we’ve asked over 7 times re dietary requirements and each time told it would be fine so they will be calling today. Let’s see what the outcome is, but I did ask for legal advice and was told due to misleading for a sale, they would have to refund the non-refundable deposit. However I don’t want to find a new venue so close to the wedding, as someone said above, gf fish and chips is available literally everywhere now! It’s not a big ask for these things.

    more experiences and advice is welcome

    TIA x 

  • Posted: 12 Jun 2018 13:49

    Re: Hyde House - catering help!!

    Good luck, I hope they call you back and you are able to get it sorted. 

    If they refuse to be of any help, I'd recommend approaching Citizen's Advice or Trading Standards to find out where you stand, if you haven't already.

    Also, I know you said you don't want to have to look for a new venue, but why not contact a few, explain the situation you're in and see what happens? With 5 months to go, you may be able to pick up a good last minute deal if a place has had a cancellation! 

    Plus you would get the satisfaction of telling them where to stick it, and don't run the risk of any negative feelings on your wedding day. I'm not saying definitely go for it - but it can't hurt to look! 

    You might even find a venue that is able to provide you with gf/df menus and you can compare costs, and report back to your venue. 

    Good luck again! X

  • Posted: 4 Jul 2018 12:05

    Re: Hyde House - catering help!!


    Hi all,

    I wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and advice! it all really helped! 

    I did have a look at a few other venues but the House manager called us in for a complimentary tasting and when we went it was beautiful! They were all so attentive! Our wedding planner wasn't in but we had Matthew the waiter, Darren the Chef and Tim the house manager and they were absolutely brilliant! 

    The chef said he could cater for everything and the food we tasted was absolutely perfect! i could have not asked for a better day and food and this has really made me so excited for the day! 

    I'd advise anyone booking to make sure they understand your requests and if not, go and visit them because its so much better having that face to face conversation and we got to speak directly to the chef which was even better!

    I will be writing a review after the wedding but at the moment i can say i am at ease and really excited!

    Again, thank you to those who responded and offered advice :)

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