How to handle bridesmaids?

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  • Posted: 4 Oct 2019 16:42

    How to handle bridesmaids?

    I have 4 bridesmaids inc a maid of honour, but im having a REALLY hard time with it all. Its been the hardest part of all the planning. 

    My MOH wont reply in the group chat i set up to make it easier, so i have to take everything to her separately. 

    I asked them all to find 2-3 dresses within the colours and general theme i had given and 3 weeks later they still haven't got a single one each. 

    They have given ME requirements of what it must have, so im having to do all the searches based on that, and its a real time suck. 

    I wanted them to all do mix and match as theyre all so different, but they dont like this, so basically want me to find a single dress that is available in both uk8-uk24 that has all their imposed requirements. 

    And im paying. 

    Im just really struggling with how to handle it and speak to them without coming across as bratty, i know theyre busy and everyones busy, but i dont actually care what they turn up in so why cant they just take it as an opportunity to go "oh someone else is offering to buy me pretty much whatever dress i want, ill pick one" 

    How can i politely ask them to look again for dresses, when i know theyre stressed out and busy too, without sounding horrible? 


  • Posted: 4 Oct 2019 17:56

    Re: How to handle bridesmaids?

    Does it have to be dresses? There are some gorgeous jumpsuits/play suits out there that are available in sizes from 8 up to 24 and are very flattering and comfortable to wear too. Dresses aren’t for everyone.

  • Posted: 7 Oct 2019 12:59

    Re: How to handle bridesmaids?

    I don't know how far you live from Croydon, or if there's anywhere else in the country that does similar (might take some researching), but I got my bridesmaids dresses from Sexy Her.  They can make any design in any of the colours, so you go there (best to make an appointment) and try on as many dress styles as you want.  I picked the colour and material type on the basis that the bridesmaids could pick whatever style they wanted to suit them.  The dresses are made in China so take a while to come in but this could be a compromise for your situation?

  • Posted: 7 Oct 2019 13:34

    Re: How to handle bridesmaids?

    I tried to get them to look at jumpsuits and they werent interestec in those either. Ive told them i dont really actually care what they wear, as long as theyre happy, and they STILL wont look. 

  • Posted: 7 Oct 2019 18:21

    Re: How to handle bridesmaids?

    I would sit them down and ask them if they still want to be bridesmaids. It’s not for everyone. I hated being one and tried to get out of it but wish I’d pushed harder not to do it.

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