How do I know which venue is right for me?

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  • Posted: 4 Nov 2019 9:26

    How do I know which venue is right for me?

    We’ve seen 4 venues so far, 3 of which were beautiful and had amazing features and packages to offer us. The one thing getting in the way is that 2 of them are quite old fashioned, the wallpaper, the carpets, furniture, it’s all very dated (in a classy way), but I don’t know if that’s me? Would that be important on my wedding day? Would the carpet matter to me when I’m walking down the aisle? I just don’t know what style venue is right for me, I’ve saved images on Pinterest and I just don’t know. I thought I found the one yesterday but this is stopping me. The first venue we saw was a marquee, a blank canvas by a beautiful lake, so we would decorate it ourselves, but they didn’t offer us all of the features that the others did, or the facilities or a package. 
    I’m just wondering if we should go and see some more venues or would that add to my confusion and give me a bigger list to narrow down? Revisit those ones ? And how do you know which venue is right for you. I’m really struggling :( 

    thank you xx

  • Posted: 8 Nov 2019 12:35

    Re: How do I know which venue is right for me?

    @LHolx it's a difficult decision committing to a venue but I feel like when you've seen the venue that's right for you, you will know. 

    If the design of the carpet is bothering you now, it will bother you on your big day!

    I fell for the first venue I visited, and my concern was that I hadn't given any other venues a chance, so I went to a different venue that was a similar style (gothic, intimate chapel/barn) and didn't have the same feeling. I then took my mum with me to the original venue along with my maid of honour. That's when we knew it was right for us, because other people agreed that they could see us having our big day there. They said that the venue suited us and we booked it right there and then!


    I'd say if you're concerned regarding the marquee not providing the package that you've been offered elsewhere, maybe discuss with them if there are other options? It sounds like you like the idea of  blank canvas but finding a venue that can help you  decorate that blank canvas is an added bonus :)


    L x

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