Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

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  • Posted: 8 Jul 2018 14:35

    Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    Hi all,


    I'm wondering if anyone has an tips or advice surrounding wedding gift sites and honeymoons?  We are getting married next August and want to go on honeymoon 3 days after the wedding (Married on Friday, aim to fly Monday or Tuesday) to give us 14 nights away.  My other half is a teacher and I'm a nurse so getting chunks of time off is tricky and we have to go away in school holidays so the summer is prety much the only time we can go away for 2 weeks (with travel either side) which makes it more expensive!  

    We love adventure and are not really an all inclusive by the beach type people.  We are hoping to go to either Costa Rica or Africia as we are both into photography and wildlife and hope to see some nature and beautiful sites whilst we are there. We have had a look at trial finders as they seem to offer some good deals with private tours and also a honeymoon fund.

    We have lived together for the last 8 years and don't need any gifts for our home so we are thinking of asking our guests for money if they want to buy us a gift.  What I'm not sure about is whether a honeymoon fund through the travel agents is the best option as we will still have to pay upfront for the honeymoon and although you can use the funds to contribute this won't be until after the wedding, by which time if there is any money as extra we will be stuck with having to use it on another trip with trial finders.  

    What sites have other people used and how do they work exactly? We know we will be able to afford our honeymoon but with all the big payments and deposits involved with the wedding we do plan to book it on our credit card and then pay it back later.

    Any suggestions?


    Thanks :)


  • Posted: 8 Jul 2018 17:35

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    Prezola do a gift list that can be money or items, it seems pretty flexible.



  • Posted: 9 Jul 2018 17:06

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    We're using a site called Honeyfund - https://www.honeyfund.com/

    I was VERY skeptical at first, because it claims to be totally free and we all know there's no such thing as a free lunch. However I did a bit of digging and the reviews all seemed fair. Only time will tell of course, but I'm happy with it so far. I liked how we could specify what the money will go on, ie. £50 for cocktails one night or £20 for a sightseeing tour. 

  • Posted: 11 Jul 2018 8:19

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites


    Thanks for the advice. How does the money side of things work with honeymoon fund? Do they just transfer it across into your account or does it link to sites to pay off ‘experiences’ let’s say? We plan to go straight after our wedding so just wondering how it will all work.

    Thanks 😊

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2018 13:11

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    Sorry I forgot to check for this reply! As far as I know, Honeyfund transfers it directly to your bank account - like you we weren't keen on tying ourselves into using a travel agent as we normally shop around and go with the cheapest, so we just wanted the money. ROTFL

    Hope that helps!

  • Posted: 13 Jul 2018 11:21

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    That make's sense, I don't blame you. I mean once its there you can't use for anything else and it maybe sometime before you get the time of work to book another holiday (although i'm always up for an adventure!).  Maybe the honeymoon fund is a good place to go then, that way we have the flexibility.  Thanks :)

  • Posted: 16 Jul 2018 12:59

    Re: Honeymoons and wedding gift sites

    To further add to this, I checked up on my Honeyfund and how it works so this might help you out.

    Basically you can accept payments online (we don't currently but we're thinking of changing it to accept them) and Honeyfund will take a small percentage to cover credit card costs.

    The other option is to go cash only and what happens is your guest will pick something they want to buy for you, say a snorkeling experience or whatever. They then reserve that through Honeyfund and are given a certificate to print off showing what they've bought you. They then give you the cash or a cheque in person (or posted) and you put it wherever you want it go to. So the money is totally safe and never actually goes through Honeyfund. I've also put my Paypal email on ours so if people want to transfer via Paypal they can. Again it's 100% safe as it doesn't go through Honeyfund, even though I'm sure they're legit I'm always paranoid!

    Hope this helps. :)

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