Honeymoon fund - help needed!

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  • Posted: 5 Oct 2017 8:34

    Honeymoon fund - help needed!

    Hi all

    My partner and I want to set up a honeymoon fund for our wedding (we've contributed to loads and so have no qualms about it being tacky etc).

    We want one that just allows people to donate whatever they want, but all the ones I can find seem to make you choose specific amounts for people to donate for specific gifts e.g. £15 for cocktails, £100 for a hot air balloon.

    We a) don't have our honeymoon planned in detail yet and b) don't want to tell people the amounts they can donate (it actually seems ruder to me??)

    Does anyone know an online option not tied to a specific travel agent that is literally just an online pot that people can put whatever they want into? Trying to avoid the whole "envelopes of cash at the wedding" scenario.

    Many thanks! Xx






  • Posted: 5 Oct 2017 19:04

    Re: Honeymoon fund - help needed!

    Bit of an off the wall idea, how about a go fund me page or something similar?

    As you've said, the wedding specific sites require allotted amounts, though one way around this would be to pick a small amount and put the qty as large as you want so like 400 increment of £5 and let people choose a qty. So 2 would be £10 or 10 would be. £50 etc.

  • Posted: 9 Oct 2017 15:07

    Re: Honeymoon fund - help needed!

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. We managed to find a honeymoon site in the end - Buy Our Honeymoon (luckily they let you change the URL when you send the link to guests as it nearly put us off!)

    They let you have just one 'pot' and guests to donate what they like privately, which is just what we were after!

  • Posted: 9 Oct 2017 16:13

    Re: Honeymoon fund - help needed!

    Hi, this is something that I have wondered over. Do they take a commission for storing the money for you, or charge a fee when you withdraw the money?

    I think Paypal did something similar but they charge quite a high amount in my opinion. Seems a shame if guests contribute then Paypal take some of their donations....

  • Posted: 13 Oct 2017 8:33

    Re: Honeymoon fund - help needed!


    We set up Stripe payments which has a lower commission than PayPal (1% vs I think 3%). Were happy to take the hit for the convenience of it!




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