Help with dress order.. Luxury wedding with cheap dress???

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  • Posted: 7 Oct 2018 22:55

    Help with dress order.. Luxury wedding with cheap dress???

    Hey girls, posting here because we planned our wedding in new york, nice restaurant, his family is pretty rich and we are not because we live in Germany and working 9-5 they are not helping us. Now when we planned wedding they paid for this expensive restaurant and we have to cover photography, honeymoon, singer (+band) and catering in front of our houses + my dress and his suit of course.

    He got his suit in Germany for $350 and it fits perfectly for him and I'm so happy for him, but I am still in deadend street because we are left with like $300 for my dress and now I dont know what to wear, I am plus size size, and I did found some dresses that I like a lot, a lot, this one is ok, but it's maybe few dozen bucks over my budget, and for example this one is amazing , and I can see some customer review from girl just like me (my size) wearing it and it fits for her, but I am afraid if I buy some $100 amazon dress that it will look too cheap, do you have experience with ordering from Amazon because I see like tons of great reviews and IDK what to do because $500+ is too much for my budget

  • Posted: 12 Oct 2018 9:33

    Re: Help with dress order.. Luxury wedding with cheap dress???

    I think you should try bridal shops first.  Go on weekdays when they are quiet and be honest about your budget.  Tell them to only show you dresses that you can afford.  You might get a great bargain.

    One of my brides was let down by her dressmaker.  She had to buy a wedding dress 2 days before her wedding.  A local shop sold her a pure silk dress for £250

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