Help - make-up/hair costs (Suffolk/Cambridge)

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  • Posted: 13 Sep 2018 21:04

    Help - make-up/hair costs (Suffolk/Cambridge)

    hello, I’m getting married next year and currently searching for bridal/hair Make-up. Just wondering what is a good price/how much people spent? Also, originally I wasn’t going to get bridesmaids done, but a some I’ve looked at have a minimum of 3-4 treatments requirement. So was considering hair/Make-up for me, then make-up for my 4 bridesmaids. What did everyone else do?

  • Posted: 14 Sep 2018 7:56

    Re: Help - make-up/hair costs (Suffolk/Cambridge)

    I live in a small town between Bristol and Bath. All the people from their were really expensive, but I've found a local lady who does beautiful hair and make up for £100 on the day. 

    I've decided not to do it for my bridesmaids, as I just don't have it in the budget, plus our wedding is quite informal - they'll be wearing long tulle skirts and camis, and having natural make up and loose hair with a few curls and flower crowns, so easy enough to do. I have 6 bridesmaids, so they understand. 

    I think if you are having a more formal do and want some fancy up do's going on, it's defo worth getting hair done. Most people can do make up, or one of the bridesmaids might be super skilled and be able to do the others. But fancy hair is harder for an inexperienced person to do.

    My mum and stepmum are going to have their make up done by the same lady, which will make it more worth her while, but to be honest, she was happy enough to just do me! If you decide not to do bridemaids, could you have a mum/nan/mog have a treatment and maybe pay for it themselves? x

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