HELP- I’ve marked my wedding dress :-(

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  • Posted: 11 Apr 2019 8:22

    HELP- I’ve marked my wedding dress :-(

    hi all,

    i went to have an alterations fitting and the woman pointed out the sleeves have gone a weird colour, I’ve looked closely and my illusion lace sleeves have gone a dark nude colour I think it’s been where I’ve had fake tan on and tried the dress on :-(

    is there anyway to delicately clean lace or a solution I can put on the sleeves? Or try to get the fake tan out ? :-( they look muddy.


  • Posted: 16 Apr 2019 9:27

    Re: HELP- I’ve marked my wedding dress :-(

    I wouldn't try to clean this yourself - ask your seamstress or wedding dress shop if they know any cleaners that specialise in wedding dress cleaning and get it done professionally. At least that way if it goes wrong they'll be insured. If you do it yourself and it goes wrong, you'll have to buy a new dress yourself! 

    Good luck! X

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