Glass hire options/prices/quantities 2019?

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  • Posted: 3 Jun 2019 20:34

    Glass hire options/prices/quantities 2019?

    Can people recommend options for hiring glasses?

    • Tesco stopped their glass hire service in March 2019.
    • Waitrose said they had a free service but only allow 48 hour hire (which doesn't work for a wedding as you'd have to collect and wash all glasses on the Friday and the rewash and return them all on the Sunday)
    • I think Sainsbury's have stopped too.
    • Majestic Wines allow you to hire for as long as you want at £1 a glass deposit, but understandably they want you to buy from them and have wine glasses and highball glasses but no pint glasses. We've already acquired our wine and I'm just shopping for beer, soft drinks and glasses now.
    • the event hire places I've seen don't have price lists.
    • Sainsburys sells glasses at ~ 50p each (but that seems wrong to buy stuff I don't need)

      So are there any viable free options I've missed or does anyone have any idea how much I should expect to pay to hire.
  • Posted: 5 Jun 2019 14:37

    Re: Glass hire options/prices/quantities 2019?

    Can't help on hire prices, but we're in the same situation and are contemplating buying them ourselves with the intention of selling them on after. Less stress about washing them, and probably less stress about breaking them too in some ways (I have a notoriously clumsy family!). 

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