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  • Posted: 10 Jun 2018 9:50


    19 days to go and now I think about gifts? There are 3 mums and 3 dads (my parents both remarried)

    There will be quite a few flowers for people to take home I.e. table centres and potted plants so I was thinking the mums should have something different. Is there a nice alternative to get mums a different present? My mum has been great!

    I have no idea what to get the dad's. My dad has contributed to the wedding so I'd like to get him something special but the other 2 haven't so do I get something smaller?? But again what do I get?

    My bridesmaids i have ordered a homemade sterling silver beaed bracelet eacj which are very pretty, and i thought maybe some pretty earrings, is that enough or will they be expecting a goodie bag of PJ's and a robe etc?

    The best man and ushers we have got cufflinks, but when OH was an usher for his best man he was given an engraved crystal whisky glass which is amazing, but makes the cufflinks look a bit naff.

    Any help welcome!! Thanks.

  • Posted: 10 Jun 2018 10:29

    Re: Gifts

    I have found it really tricky to come up with gift ideas! My OH’s mum is really difficult to buy for - she can be ungreatful when it comes to gifts (a bit like Rachel from Friends). If it’s not designer or branded and she doesn’t like it, it'll end up in the bin. 

    So, I’ve decided that I’m only doing practical gifts that will be appreciated and won’t be a complete waste of money! For all the parents (my mum and dad, OH’s dad and partner and OH’s mum and husband), MoH and her partner and best man and his plus one, we have paid for their room for the night @ £150 per couple. 

    I’m also considering doing personalised mugs for everyone. I made one for my sister to see what they’re like (see below), and I think it’s something nice to keep (that’s the problem with the hotel rooms - there’s nothing to keep as a momento, unless you keep the tea bags from the room 😂). I might buy the mini ‘wedding day’ candles and put one of those inside the mugs for the ladies, and maybe a pair of personalised socks for the men with the role on e.g best man.

    Vistaprint do a good selection of mugs with all the different bridal party roles (mother of the bride, groom, best man etc.) 


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