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  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 15:18

    food shopping

    carrying on from the foodie thread just wondering where everybody shops and how much they would say they spend a month on food? 


    were quite lazy so a lot of time we go to asda as it's near us but I love a lot of Aldi food and tend to opt for there if near by I am a bit of a meat snob nowadays and have preferences to the farm shop just tastes nicer and is soo cheap. We budget 150 per month between us but I think it's probably closer to 200 most months with the bits we don't take out the food fund.  


    trying to cook in as much as possible nowadays but scarily think we spend about 100-150 eating out a month too :-/



  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 15:29

    Re: food shopping

    We rarely go out to eat as we both love to cook, but we do spend a fair bit! I do a weekly list now as to start with we just bought what we fancied and wasted loads. We are obsessed with nice meat but try and get it from the discount section if possible! We eat a lot of beef fillet from there :-) we shop at tesco but mostly because its less than 2mins down the road. I reckon we now spend about £300 a month but that's everything, toiletries, alcohol (H can get through a fair bit!) cleaning products etc. 

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 15:31

    Re: food shopping

    I shop in Aldi and only pop to Tesco to get bits I can't get in Aldi.  We spend around £75 a week for the five of us but I probably spend about £20 topping up on milk, bread and other extras over the course of a week.

    To be honest, we couldn't afford to shop in the larger supermarkets regularly and I find the quality in Aldi is much better than you would think.  

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 15:35

    Re: food shopping

    We alternate between asda and sainsburys and usually spend about £60 a week. We don't need to top up a lot but I go to Holland & Barrett or a local health food shop for  soy cheese, bacon, sausages, etc and probably spend another £5-10 a week there. I'm sure we could get it down if we cooked more and we are trying, but neither of us were ever taught to cook so we do find it difficult! 

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 15:58

    Re: food shopping

    For my husband and I and our cat we spend between £200 - £250, I get my shopping delivered from Asda for £1, if I had to go to asda myself it's a 40 mile trip since we live in the countryside. We like the local farm shop, maybe once a month I buy a steak pie from there but that's it x 

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 16:38

    Re: food shopping

    We use Ocado because I'm lazy and it's convenient.  Spend about £80 roughly every 10 days or so, although that's household goods as well as food.  We also get a veg box delivered weekly which is about £14.  We could spend a lot less, but for the moment the convenience is worth it.

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 16:52

    Re: food shopping

    Never heard of a veg box delivery. are they good?  any recommendations of where I could try?  

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 17:19

    Re: food shopping

    Waitrose, as its next door to my office. I tend to shop every day £10-30 depending on what I feel like making for dinner and what we've already got in from previous days. Its so close there's no point in doing a 'big shop'. I love to cook and try and not make the same thing twice in a month - instead I see how I feel on the day. Its still very hard not to waste things, but a roast chicken once a month (it was guinea fowl last week!) allows you to use up the rubbery carrots and suspect celery in a stock.

    If we had a butcher and fishmonger closer than Greenwich I'd 100% use them instead. 

    There's going to be a twice reduced steak and ale stew on the menu this week at some point, other meals include, green tea prawns with rice, parmesan, chiilli & lime spag with salad for starter, crispy tilapia on braised lettuce with bacon and at some point the chinese dumplings I've been promising since the lunar new year.


  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 17:22

    Re: food shopping

    We love sainsburys the best, but also get bits from Tesco, our local Asian store, Holland and Barrett and amazon (e.g. coconut oil is much cheaper)

    We also get the majority of our veg and fruit from a green grocer which saves a TONNE of money - 5 avocadoes for £1, 10 blood oranges for £1, 2 boxes of raspberries for £1.25 etc. But we also tend to go for organic where possible so that bumps up prices a bit. 

    Our budget is £50 a week so £200 a month, including everything for the house and cat food. We rarely spend that much though, it's more around £140-160 a month. 


    We eat out or get a take away 1-2 times a month but tend to spend very little, the average is £25 as we tend to share our food and rarely order drinks. I promise we are not boring really!!! We love food but prefer doing it ourselves esp. since we both are vegan now - tonight is butternut and cauliflower korma, then sweetpotato and bean burgers, black-eyed bean stew and jollof rice, brocolli and cannelini bean soup, sun-dried tomato and aubergine pasta, and kimchi and tofu stir fry.

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 17:30

    Re: food shopping

    We do a weekly shop at morrisons spending anywhere between £50-£100. 

    It's the only supermarket I don't mind buying everything from. Veg lasts and the meat is good quality. 

    We rarely top up during the week but will probably eat out or get a takeaway at least once a week. We are definitely getting lazier! 

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 17:38

    Re: food shopping

    I've got a really yummy sounding vegan chick pea dumpling recipe bookmarked on my work computer. It was in the Grauniad, not sure if it was a Yoram Ottolenghi recipe. R. expressed a severe dislike for chickpeas but I think he'd actually like these if I didn't tell him what it was first.

    I'm not veggie or vegan in the slightest, but I do go for the nicest organic free range meat & sustainable fish available - its also no bad thing to not eat half a cow every day.

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 18:21

    Re: food shopping

    We do most of ours online at whichever supermarket has the best offers (usually asda or tesco) and spend £40 every 5 days(includes household supplies and nappies) but i work in morrisons so do top up shops there as well

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 19:55

    Re: food shopping

    We tend to shop in Sainsburys and M&S as they're next door to each other. We no longer do a "big shop". I go to the shops every couple of days and probably spend about £30 a time. That's before we've bought the cat food and my supplements. 

  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 21:56

    Re: food shopping

    We spend a small fortune- probably about £100 for three of us? Every 9 days or so, from Ocado. We also eat out once a week. That's everything though, we literally never go to a supermarket if we can help it, although OH pops to the shop by about day 7 for fresh bits and bobs. 

    We are ridiculously time poor so spend an awful lot on ready prepared foods- not junk, I mean things like chopped fruit and veg, meat with veg in foil dishes you just shove in the oven etc. I know we could spend a lot less if we had time but we don't!



  • Posted: 8 Mar 2015 22:06

    Re: food shopping

    We used to be quite cheap with our food shop, but ate out about twice a week, and takeaway on top of that. Since our little one arrived 10wks ago we don't really eat out for dinner much, and when we do it's in cheaper places than before, so most of our meals are homemade. We've saved so much money due to this that our food shopping is a combination on Gousto boxes and M&S, so our quality of food has definitely gone up. I estimate we are about £300 a month for both of us for all food, including lunches for work.

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