Engagement Ring Damage

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  • Posted: 7 Feb 2019 16:42

    Engagement Ring Damage

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience of making an insurance claim for damage to their engagement ring?

    Somehow managed (no idea when/how) to chip the top of my centre stone, took it to the jewellers and they've said there is slight crack so risk of it worsening and not really much that can be done repair wise and might have to be replaced.

    Absolutely gutted but thankfully my OH is being great about it and said this is exactly why we got jewellery insurance so don't stress. Our policy covers accidental damage and loss thankfully but just wanted to see if anyone has been through the process of making a claim and has any advice?


  • Posted: 7 Feb 2019 18:05

    Re: Engagement Ring Damage

    Is it a certified diamond or a diamond or another stone type? 

    I have successfully claimed for jewellery before but that wasn't engagement ring and it was stolen rather than damaged.

    The more info you've got the better - valuation / photos / receipts etc. It's the sentimental loss really, but perhaps you will be able to keep the original in a nice box?

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