Elopement in Essex.

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  • Posted: 7 Aug 2018 14:58

    Elopement in Essex.

    Hi All,

    My partner and I recently got engaged. We have never wanted a big wedding and neither of us likes being in the centre of attention, therefore, an ideal wedding for us would be to go away, just the two of us, and get married somewhere nice. I have been doing some research and have found places in the UK that offer elopement wedding packages that look fantastic but all of them are miles away. We live in Essex and ideally would like to get married locally. I know we could just get married in the registry office and then book a hotel elsewhere but we’d love the whole experience of getting married in a nice venue and having everything done in one package etc. I have looked for elopement weddings in Essex and I cannot find anything at all! I wouldn’t mind getting married in a different region (have seen some lovely venues in the Lakes or Cornwall) but my other half is insisting on staying in Essex, being born and bred here.

    Does anyone know of any venues in Essex offering elopement wedding packages?

    Many thanks,


  • Posted: 8 Aug 2018 10:29

    Re: Elopement in Essex.

    Firstly - Congratulations! 

    I just had a search and can't find any elopement packages in Esex - why don't you try contacted some licensed venues and discuss your plans with them? If you are happy to go for a midweek wedding, it would be cheaper, and they would probably be able to accommodate you, as they will be busy with big weddings on the weekends, and probably won't want to give up the chance of making a ton of money. 

    Also, I found this photographer who is based in Essex and specialises in elopement wedding photography - why not contact her and see if she can help you?


    Good luck! X

  • Posted: 8 Aug 2018 11:50

    Re: Elopement in Essex.

    Thank you very much! That's a great idea - I will get in touch with some local venues to check if they could accommodate for an elopement wedding :). Asking the photographer sounds like a cunning plan too, fingers crossed either of them works in our favour :). x

  • Posted: 8 Aug 2018 14:09

    Re: Elopement in Essex.

    Asking the photographer sounds like a cunning plan too,

    Hehehe! Good luck! 

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