Dress Shopping ......... Help Needed!

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  • Posted: 10 Mar 2019 21:21

    Dress Shopping ......... Help Needed!

    I'm having a very hard time getting over the way I look in a sample dress to envision what the final product will look like. I've been working very hard over the past six months to lose weight before my wedding and am currently half way to my goal, I'm now a size 14.

    I had my first wedding dress shopping trip (which I was really excited about) last week but all the sample sizes were UK size 8/10/12 and had a complete mental down. I ended up leaving completely deflated.

    How can I get over the way I look now to decided if the dress is THE dress?

    Alternatively, can anyone recommend a bridal shop in the Essex area that stock UK 14 or above sample dresses (plus size) that might help with my confidence?


  • Posted: 11 Mar 2019 10:12

    Re: Dress Shopping ......... Help Needed!

    I’m a size 20 and I truly hated dress shopping. I was actually convinced that I would be wearing pjs for the day with my gorgeous veil and tiara.

    A friend made me take her along to the 5th bridal shop I went too and I trusted her opinion even though I didn’t feel like a bride or anything in it. Even for my last fitting where my bridesmaid came with me and said how gorgeous I looked etc I still wasn’t feeling it. That oh my god wow moment doesn’t always come to everyone and i didn’t feel it until my wedding day when I was ready to go, and I finally felt great.

    If you have someone that you can trust to give their honest view then I would recommend taking them. We will always focus on our flaws when trying things on and this makes it much harder. You will get there I promise.


    good luck x

  • Posted: 12 Mar 2019 12:15

    Re: Dress Shopping ......... Help Needed!


    Sorry to hear you've not enjoyed your first dress shopping experience. You've gone to all that effort and hard work just to come out feeling deflated. My sister had the same thing. Her first shop she couldn't get half of them above her legs! I think when you find the dress you'll just know. I wasn't sure because I didn't have THE reaction or THE feeling but my sister said that my face said it all. Once she had shown me photos of e wearing my dress compared to other I knew she was right.  

    I think it's a good idea for you to go and try on more dresses, especially ones that fit your new current size. After all, how can you tell if it doesn't fit properly anyway?! I started my search in Wed2B (purely because I was hoping to find something not too expensive) and they actually carry most of their designs in EVERY size. I'd go there and try a few on. Even if you don't love them, you'll be able to try them on properly and really get a feel for what they look like on. Also, be proud of your new figure and what you've achieved! 

    I actually got my dress from Bellissima in South Woodham Ferrers and I think they carry lots of different sizes so perhaps give them a call. The girls in there are wonderful and many of my friends went there based on word of mouth recommendations. 

    Good lick in your search - dress shopping is so much fun so I hope you find your dream dress! xx

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