Dress / Self esteem anxiety

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  • Posted: 30 Aug 2018 12:49

    Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    Please can you guys help me. I am feeling so sad and nuts right now.

    I'm just back from the dress alts lady and feel like crying! I love my dress but  I didn't like looking at myself - BUT I have felt like that with every dress. I think the problem is me / my low self esteem etc. How  will my arms look, how will my back look.etc.  I am a size 10, normal figure but just feel so self conscious  :( I am also not a girly girl and not used to wearing dresses, but i did want a wedding dress. Maybe I need to get used to earring a bigger than normal dress and it being so over the top? I tried on simpler dresses but they didn't feel right. In terms of venue, we're getting married in Scotland and its a small castle wedding in the countryside. With the other planning I have been very calm and measured but the dress issue is making me unwell! 

    I would love any advice or help or feedback about the dresses, low self esteem / self doubt / general craziness and shame around how i feel. Thank you guys x

  • Posted: 8 Sep 2018 21:41

    Re: Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    Take a step back and relax, and remember: pretty much all brides look great on their wedding day - happiness looks good on everyone :-)

    Don't forget, on the actual day of, you'll have your hair done up, makeup on, and it'll like way different (in a good way) to how it looks in the store. 

    There's lots of pressure on "the dress" but as long as you know you like it, you'll be fine. Once your future husband looks at you and tells you how great you look, all that anxiety will melt away!!

  • Posted: 13 Sep 2018 8:46

    Re: Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    It might just be the lighting/stress of being in a different place? When I got my dress and had it altered, the photos they took at the alterations place make me look hideous and I really don't like them. However when I got my dress home and tried it on, my sister just took some photos on her phone and I look amazing! so maybe that's part of the problem?

    I would suggest find a dress you love, and you will look gorgeous in it. And on the day you will be so busy doing other stuff you will forget to be paranoid about how you look!

  • Posted: 13 Sep 2018 22:02

    Re: Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    It's only you who will be thinking about how your arms or back look. No one else will be thinking about your arms or back. You are marrying the person of your dreams and they love you for you or they wouldn't be marrying you. Try not to lose sight of that. And by the time the day itself comes you'll probably have about a million other things to think about and all thoughts of your arms and back will be long gone!

  • Posted: 14 Sep 2018 7:59

    Re: Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    It can be weird wearing a big dress when you aren't used to it. But I'm sure you look gorgeous! Also, once you have your hair and make up done, and you're actually in the venue, it will all pull together. It's hard to get an idea of the final look when you're in a little room with probably over bright lighting! 

    Can you arrange a make up and hair trial before your next fitting perhaps? Then you can actually see yourself all done up, and it might help? X

  • Posted: 15 Sep 2018 21:36

    Re: Dress / Self esteem anxiety

    Get the best photographer you can afford and tell them which bits of your body you don't like.  They should have the experience to shoot you from the best angles.  You'll look amazing!

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