Dress and veil stresses

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  • Posted: 3 Jul 2019 22:46

    Dress and veil stresses

    Hi guys, 

    I'm really hoping people can put my mind to rest. I'm getting married next month and having a serious melt down over the dress and veil. 

    I bought the dress before I lost weight and after my first fitting last week it's become apparent it needs major work and as it's not fitting properly in worried its not the one. This is crazy talk as I found the dress before I was even engaged and it was waiting for me when I went shopping months later and it was the one I was drawn to and picked even though I didn't know it was the same one till I pulled it out.

    The worst issue is the veil. I am honestly not joking when I say I've probably spent 60 hours or more searching for one to match. I could get tulles fairly close but no lace. When I had nearly given up I found an ideal lace match in pink so I finally chose to go bespoke but as the samples werent large I chose to dark but to be honest I think the pink tone would have been to light anyways. The lace matches perfectly and the design is stunning but I just can't stop worrying about the yellow tones rather than pink. This veil has nearly cost as much as the couture dress so I'm in a state everytime I think about it. 

    Does it really matter if the tones are slightly off? Will it be a case of just stressing out now but all will be OK on the day. 

  • Posted: 5 Jul 2019 15:45

    Re: Dress and veil stresses

    It sounds to me like you are panicking over not a lot. I too have been doing the same! I get married in 8 weeks and like you, I went for a dress fitting and am now worried it's not the one. I'm told it's lovely and I'll look amazing and this is just an internal panic I'm having because it's now getting very close. I'm also told it's normal to have dress wobbles by a lot of my friends. I said I'd have no veil from the start and now I've changed my mind - 8 weeks before. So that's now a whole other thing I need to sort. It sounds like your dress and veil will be so beautiful and how lovely to have gone bespoke. I think it will all be ok on the day and this panic is normal. Lets stop worrying about the little things and enjoy our build up! We will look fabulous!!! 

  • Posted: 8 Jul 2019 21:01

    Re: Dress and veil stresses

    Thanks for the reassurance. I've sent the fitting photos to everyone and they have said it's absolutely stunning and they can't wait to see it.

    I was even veil shopping again a few days ago but I know it would be a shame not too wear it. I am just going to try and get over the difference in colour and try not to let it both me so much.


    Good luck with your wedding! 

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2019 11:13

    Re: Dress and veil stresses

    I've been reading a veil guide on the Britten Weddings website as they specialise in accessories and they say that the veil doesn't have to match the dress in colour as other colours will compliment the dress. I'm stuck on what length to have atm so I'll order 2 lengths to take to my next fitting and try on. I'm still not sure my dress is "the one" as I see others and think I should have gone with my original thoughts but at the end of the day, it's just a dress. And I don't want to be stressed over something I picked so long ago and have loved for over a year. I picked it for a reason right? So did you - remember that. xx

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