DIY the wedding flowers

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  • Posted: 6 Jun 2018 11:31

    DIY the wedding flowers

    Hi everyone, 

    Calling all DIYers for their tips and ideas Smile

    My fiance and I have started planning our wedding, it's all going pretty well so far (except for our wallets but oh well...). We want a somewhat "rustic" looking wedding (using this for lack of a better term). We're considering doing the flowers ourselves but this makes me really nervous, and I have so many of questions for those who managed to do it all or partly themselves: where did you order your flowers? How much have you ordered? When did you receive them? How did you manage to keep them fresh for the big day? Did you do your bouquet yourselves? Etc.

    Would love to discuss this with people planning to do it for their future wedding too. Ours is in March 2019 which seems simultaneously really soon and in a really long time!

    Thank you

  • Posted: 7 Jun 2018 13:58

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers


    I thought about doing DIY flowers, as we are doing DIY for a lot of things, but decided against it, as I can't even make a bunch of flowers from the supermarket look nice! 

    However, if you have a look on Pintrest, there are lots of tips for how to do your own bouquet, and I think there is an article here on Hitched too.

    If you're looking to save money, I would recommend scouting the supermarkets - some of them do beautiful bouquets for around £10-20 - you could buy them a day or so before, remove the cellophane, wrap the stems in lace or ribbon, and stick them in water overnight? Hmmm... I may have just talked myself into DIY flowers actually! 

    My friend used supermarket flowers for her centrepieces too - she just bought them the day before and stuck them in jam jars - it looked lovely! We're doing something similar, but future MIL is growing the flowers on her allotment.

    Hope this helps somewhat! X

  • Posted: 8 Jun 2018 9:48

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers


    I'd say definitely DIY your wedding flowers, it will save you some

    money for sure. However, it does depend what sort of flowers your after. I've decided that I am going to make the table decorations using jars and fresh flowers (I've grown a lot in our own garden and plan to pick up a few extra from supermarkets a few days before). I'm also planning on using Gypspholia for the buttonholes and bridesmaids bouquets and there's lots of tutorials online on how to make them. Again I've grown so much Gypspholia, but have a feeling that I still may need to go out and buy extra (but that's fairly cheap and easy to get hold of).

    However, for my bouquet I've gone to a florist as there's no way I could attempt anything to complex and with DIY our decorations and wedding cake too I thought that was taking a little too much on. I've also asked her to supply flowers for my hair and wedding cake and she is charging £150 for that, so that's a massive saving on a wedding that i'm

    hoping will be full of flowers. I think if your going for a rustic vibe then cottage flowers which are so easy to grow are great and they don't have to look perfect! Which makes it great for an inexperienced person who has never done any floristry before. Good luck! 

  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018 9:56

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    I'm also planning on using Gypspholia for the buttonholes and bridesmaids bouquets and there's lots of tutorials online on how to make them.

    Ooh, I saw a really good trick for decorations with Gypsophilia - IKEA sell little metal bucket plant pots for £2, pop some Gyp. in and thread a ribbon through the handle to hang off the chairs at the end of each row where it joins the aisle. After the ceremony, you could have the buckets collected up and dotted around the reception venue too!

  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018 11:54

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    Thank you everyone for your ideas and advice! I definitely want to save money on flowers as I am not too bothered, but I don't want it to look too shabby either. I'm thinking a fairly simple set up, bottles of wines, big jars and lots of gypsophila, and a few roses for pops of colours. I like the idea of the small metal buckets for the chairs, that's going on the list! 

    I think we will go to the new Covent Garden market in London one morning, to get a better idea of budget and selections. This will hopefully help! 

    How much did you/will you spend on your bouquet? Still not sure about DYIing this one... 


  • Posted: 12 Jun 2018 17:00

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    I've been quoted £80-£100 for my bouquet, going for peonies, roses and lots of greenery with a blush pink ribbon. As we are getting married in August Peonies are just going out of season so hence why it's a little more expensive, but for me I'm happy to pay that as saved a massive amount through doing our own flowers and desperately want some peonies. 

  • Posted: 15 Jun 2018 21:33

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    Have you thought about faux flowers? I’ve recently DIY’d my BM’s flowers and I love them... I bought the supplies and just did them myself.. that why I got exactly what I wanted and had something I could do a few weeks before and not have to worry about them looking right on the day 🙂

  • Posted: 16 Jun 2018 22:34

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    i would better hired a specialist to do that

  • Posted: 16 Jun 2018 23:28

    Re: DIY the wedding flowers

    it is better if you use real flowers

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