Children as guests

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  • Posted: 8 Jan 2019 21:40

    Children as guests

    Hi, I'm planning a small ceremony of only 40 people which i filled with our closest family (I have a large family).

    I've just found out any children who are not "babes in arms" will need a seat so now i need to dwindle down the numbers...all the children attending, will be aged between 11months and 6 years, including my own little girl who will be just over one. Theymy nieces and nephews (6 of them) and cousins children (3 children) and then my own little girl. So 10 children in total.

    I have been assured by all family members that their children can sit on knees but the more I think about it the more it stresses me out that I just don't have the seats. 

    Am I causing myself problems by not counting some of them as guests ? 5 will be still only just be considered "babes in arms"

    I have spoke to my sister, who has said her partner will happily wait with their little boy and visit the farm on the premises of the venue instead of attending ceremony, which eases the pressure alot but then i have to ask all partners that aren't direct family to do the same to get the numbers down, and so I don't look as of im choosing the children I want there.

    I will obviously subsidise the cost for this, it is only during the ceremony as the reception is else where. But then is it unreasonable to only have my daughter at the ceremony if the partners are happy to occupy the kids elsewhere?

    I feel so guilty and awful but I can't pay for the next room up as I wouldn't even half fill the space, mainly becuase i only want my family and very close friends there.

    Do you think this is unreasonable?

    Can anyone offer advice or tell me to stop stressing?



  • Posted: 9 Jan 2019 20:06

    Re: Children as guests

    ahh this is a tricky one.  Is the venue Leeds Town Hall?  

    I think you need your own daughter there.  It's possible the other kids may be able to wait in the waiting room with an adult volunteer.  A civil ceremony is fairly short so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  • Posted: 9 Jan 2019 22:56

    Re: Children as guests

    The venue is temple newsham. The ceremony will be followed by drinks and photos in a room where the larger weddings are held so there is definately enough room, I will just ask if it is possible for the children to wait in this area or around the grounds with my sister's partner who has said he wouldnt mind if it eases the pressure. My daughter will definately be attending the ceremony. We couldn't have our day without her there. We would love for the other children to attend but can't justify upgrading to a room for 100 with only 50 you say it is only a 20-30 minute ceremony so shouldn't be too difficult to work around.

    I'm going to the venue tomorrow to ask about possible extra seats or if all children can sit on knees or even just be waiting where the drinks will be. Hopefully we can make something work!

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