Cheshire/nearby venues. undecided!

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  • Posted: 11 Jul 2019 11:28

    Cheshire/nearby venues. undecided!

    I'm too indecisive and wondered if any of you might be able to help.

    I feel like my partner and I have exhausted the list of venues we originally found. And yet still can't make a decision!

    We live in Cheshire, and ideally want a wedding venue relatively close. We set our limit to an hour drive, but I still think that is a little far. We want everything in the same place, one location for a ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening. The other criteria was that there was accommodation too, ideally with at least 8 bedrooms, (15 preferable, more is just a bonus). And then to add to the desirable criteria, we ideally only want the venue and food costing to be about £5K.

    We have struggled to all these criteria within our budget. perhaps we are just looking at the wrong places, but I think we have been through all the venue lists and just chosen them that we liked the look of, then gone and asked for quote. perhaps we have expensive taste... (i do love some oak beams!)

    We have been to look at a fair few too.

    We currently have 3 in the running, but I am open to suggestions or comments on these, just to get an idea of what might sway any of you guys.

    1: Higher Trapp Hotel - This venue has some stunning pictures and would be gorgeous on a sunny day. The cost stated includes bedrooms, so once that cost is removed (we would charge people for the rooms) then it comes within our price range (actually 1.5k under!). But it is a 55 minute drive. and it felt like a long way when we visited. The inside also looks a little dated IMO, but other than myself I'm not sure who would notice.

    2: Pryors Hayes Golf Club - Again stunning venue on a nice day. We would ideally love to get married outside. The inside is nice too, but it basically consists of one room which they would have to move around during each part of the day and I think the bar may be a little small to cram 50-100 guests in. Also it doesn't have any accommodation onsite, but there is a local hotel which we could use. It is slightly out of our budget (by 1k), but the venue is lovely, so would need less decorating etc, and it is in a lovely, picturesque part of Cheshire 40 mins from our house and less for most of our family. 

    3: Colshaw Hall - I'm not sure there is much to say here, it's beautiful, cant pick any flaws in it until I see the cost. it would work out to be £2.5K over what our original budget was. But it is perfect.

    Any thoughts guys? Have I missed any venues on my search? - i think most places we looked at were about £1.5K over our budget. We love Colshaw, but is £4K higher than higher trapp and i'm just not sure if we can justify that.

    Opinions please! (sorry for the long post)


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