Cheap woodland venue available 27.6.20

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  • Posted: 8 Mar 2019 10:35

    Cheap woodland venue available 27.6.20

    I hope this is allowed. 

    Long story short my finacee has a life limiting condition. We were getting married this June. We have now put it off till 20.6.20 due to her health. It looks like we might have to delay again.


    So.... Ive been thinking. My venue is a beautiful woodland and meadow in leicester. The week after my date is currently free. 

    The venue has everything you might want inc camping area and a yurt + hot tub for 1st night and it allows fireworks and no "cut off" time. You also have 2 set up days not 1. 

    I was hoping their might be a bride looking for a June 2020 woodland wedding that wouldnt mind going half on the infrastructure, marquee loos generator etc. It turns out its not much more to hire for 2 weeks than one. If the cost could be spread over 2 weddings it save us both 1000s.

    Please DM me if youd like more info to see if its a possibility for you.

  • Posted: 11 Mar 2019 11:39

    Re: Cheap woodland venue available 27.6.20

    This sounds like a great idea, as I am Leicester based I will keep an eye out for you for any bride and grooms at the early planning stages.  

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