Call for help from my fellow plus-size gals

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  • Posted: 5 Sep 2019 19:58

    Call for help from my fellow plus-size gals

    Hi everyone,


    It’s my first time on these forums so please be gentle! A bit of background in case it helps...


    I’m getting married just before Christmas in a registry office in Hertfordshire. This is my second marriage (got married way too young to a horrible man and now at 38 I found the one I wish I’d met when I was 20! My OH has a similar background).


    We are doing a pretty low key thing this time around...just my parents and grandmother travelling over from the US and his mum are coming. We didn’t want a big thing (well, he wouldn’t have minded but I completely detest social functions...especially weddings) hence the registry office with parents! The thing we’re both actually with the right partner this time (and we both had registry office weddings before), we don’t want this to feel like it’s ’just another day’ and we really want it to be a special and meaningful day that celebrates us. 


    Now that that’s all out of the way...


    Because of my general hatred of weddings, it’s been really hard to work out how to frame this day! I have so many questions and severely need advice but I will keep it to one question for this post! 


    I’m starting to look at dresses - I don’t want to spend more than £200 really and am not going for a fancy, first wedding, debt-inducing frock! I’ve been finding things on those cheap dress websites where you can get a dress in any colour and almost any size for really cheap. I popped into Debenhams after work today just to get an idea of styles and colours that might work before taking a chance on online ordering, but I hit a major wall because at a size 22/24, all I could do was grab a 20 (max size for evening-ish dresses there) and squeeze on as much as I could to get an idea of the neckline and colour. 


    I already feel (and always have) like I have NO business being dressed up, and feel silly at the thought ‘trying’ to make myself pretty but I love my OH and want to push out of my comfort zone and try to look nice for him and for the day. 

  question is for all my fellow plus size girls who didn’t spend a fortune on a nice dress (doesn’t have to be white - in fact better if not!) where the hell did you find them? Did you find a shop that you could try them on in or did you just order blind online and hope for the best just you had something that fit? 


    Starting to think my options are either ordering  blind or just getting one of the few suitable dresses from Simply Be or Curvissa that I can return quickly if I need to. That or OH will have to compromise again and agree to my already proposed pyjama themed wedding day (it went down like a lead balloon the first time!) 


    So very grateful for any help or advice you all might have! Apologies if I’ve come off like a Debbie downer! 



  • Posted: 16 Sep 2019 14:20

    Re: Call for help from my fellow plus-size gals


    Im plus size also, I had orginally decided to buy a wedding dress from online shops but in the end i bought a sample dress from a bigger girls shop. I had ordered lots of dresses but asos had a beautiful sequins wedding dress for £180. I did have to size up as well but the dress does go up to size 30 so you would have no worries there.


    JD williams also have some lovely beaded dresses too at great prices. Hope this is helpful x

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