Bridesmaids hair and make up

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  • Posted: 23 Jun 2020 0:16

    Bridesmaids hair and make up


    So wanting opinions on whether it is 'the done thing' to pay for bridesmaids hair and make up on the day? As dont want to be stingy but am paying for quite a lot so didnt know if you were a bridesmaid you would expect it paid for (I've never been one!) 

    I have 4 bridesmaids- my 2 friends, my sister and my fiances sister as well as my fiances niece as a flower girl. I have bought all the dresses and will be paying for any alterations they made need closer to the time (should be november fingers crossed!) And am of course paying thank you gifts for all of them and am buying pashminas for all of them should they get chilly in the night time. My parents have kindly said they will pay for hair and make up for me, my mum and my sister on the day. Make up is booked for at my parents house (make up artist has said can add extra people on if  needed though) and though havent been able to book yet was going to get hair done at the salon round the corner. 

    My mum suggested that I say to the bridesmaids if they want hair or make up done they are welcome to but that they would have to pay but I just keep thinking does this seem a bit tight? I had thought of saying that me my mum and sister were getting our hair done at said time if they also wanted to make an appointment if they wanted their hair done (so would pay for that) but just paying for the make up and telling my mum that they had give  us the money as I dont want mu parents to feel obligated to have to pay for them as well.

    I don't want to offend or annoy anyone but at the same time to pay for dresses hair make up and gifts for 4 bridesmaids plus a flower girl (though I know it was my choice to have that many) costs do add up and as me and my partner have both been on 80% wages for the past 3 months money is a bit tighter than I thought would have been



  • Posted: 23 Jun 2020 10:43

    Re: Bridesmaids hair and make up

    I guess it depends on the overall look you are wanting.  If you want your bridesmaids to have similar looking hair/makeup styles, then they are really going to need to be done by the same person and in that case, I think you should pay.

    If you are happy for them to sort their own look, then you don't need to offer to pay - but you will have to accept that they may turn up looking very different.  This wouldn't bother me, but I know it would bother some people.

  • Posted: 23 Jun 2020 13:30

    Re: Bridesmaids hair and make up


    I am *hopefully* getting married at the end of September. I have booked a makeup artist who is doing my hair and makeup at the hotel on the day, I have three adult bridesmaids and offered to pay for their hair to be done. I asked if they wanted to book for makeup if they didn’t mind paying for themselves or they can do their own if they prefer, but they all decided to book and said paying isn’t a problem! (I have paid for the dresses and gifts etc) 

    I felt cheeky asking them but they were more than happy, you could just give them the choice :) 


  • Posted: 23 Jun 2020 15:02

    Re: Bridesmaids hair and make up

    I agree with the previous poster - if you want a specific "look" then i think you should be obligated to pay.

    If you are happy for them to have their hair / make-up how they would want it then it's their choice to pay if they want to.

    I'm having two bridesmaids one with long hair the other with a pixie cut, i've said to them both that the hair & make-up option is there if they want it & it would be £x to have it done by the hairdressers / make-up artist.

    I wouldn't worry about it - you are paying for the dresses - i would maybe just suggest to them that the option is there if they wanted to pay themselves & then they know from the outset.


  • Posted: 27 Jun 2020 10:10

    Re: Bridesmaids hair and make up

    Hey I’m in the same boat at you. I really don’t mind how my bridesmaids have their hair and make up so am going to let them know how much the hair and make up artists are and leave it up to them. I’ve had a friend who’s been a bridesmaid a few times and said she actually found it awkward when the bride has paid for her make up to be done and insisted on it, as she rarely wears make up and didn’t feel comfortable ok the day!

    as long as you’re not insisting on a particular look I think they’ll be fine to have the option, just give them enough notice to budget for it should they want to pay for hair and make up.  

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