Breakfast for wedding guests

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  • Posted: 15 Mar 2019 10:23

    Breakfast for wedding guests

    hi everyone!! 


    Im new here and this is my first post. I’m getting married at a venue where the accommodation is self catering cottages. We are providing a breakfast for the morning of the wedding and the day after the wedding but we aren’t really sure what to provide. We are thinking food that they could easily cook themselves. 

    were trying to work out costing etc but can’t really decide!! I was thinking toast, jam etc but should we be providing something more substantial ??


    emma x

  • Posted: 15 Mar 2019 17:39

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests


    I think you're really kind to provide this, if I was a guest I certaintly wouldn't expect it, but it's a lovely touch.

    What you want to provide will probably depend on when the main meal ("wedding breakfast") will be served. I personally normally find myself starving by then, which can be dangerous when drinking, even if canapes! So I always eat a very hearty breakfast, and usually have snacks in the car if we are travelling between venues.

    If the main meal is much beyond 12/1 I would perhaps provide something more hearty, but thats just me!


    Good luck!

  • Posted: 15 Mar 2019 21:29

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests

    I would agree with sunnybrownvcars about having something more hearty. What about rolls and bacon and/or sausages, eggs (which they can then fry, boil, scramble or poach) pastries, cereal?

  • Posted: 16 Mar 2019 17:37

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests


    Thank you both for replying! We don't usually eat meat ourselves so weren't really too keen on getting bacon etc I deffo think that cereal is a good option. We were also thinking of some fruit but are worried that it might go to waste. MIL to be thinks that we should just say that we'll provide bread, tea, coffee etc and that if they want anything else that they'll have to bring their own but I think that's mean.

    What type of cereal would you suggest? We'll be feeding around 50-56 people for breakfast for the two days and trying to work out portion sizes and it's just confusing me so much!!


    For food on the day we'll be providing capanes, an Italian antipasti style sharing platter for the wedding breakfast and then food stalls for the evening (pizza, tacos type of thing) - plus the wedding cake if people fancied something sweet.

    Emma x

  • Posted: 20 Mar 2019 6:16

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests

    I know you say you don’t eat meat but a lot of other people like a big hearty breakfast, especially on the day of a wedding when it’s a long day and could be a while before they’re getting food. As you said they can bring their own bacon and sausages if they wish. I would stick with cornflakes and muesli or granola. Everyone likes at least one of those, don’t they? Or rice crispies too.

  • Posted: 20 Mar 2019 16:14

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests

    Frozen croissants / danishes are luxurious but inexpensive. You could provide that plus jam and butter and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed. 

    Porridge is also inexpensive and can be pimped up with dried fruit and honey. 

    I would personally be happy with these options and would much prefer a hot breakfast than cereal. 

  • Posted: 21 Mar 2019 16:38

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests

    I agree that if the breakfast is later and a bit lighter than usual then people will need something substantial. I'd look at bread, eggs, bacon or sausages and porridge/cereal. Cereal isn't the most filling thing but I'd provide all the basics in each cottage and let everyone know if they want anything else to bring that with them. I tend to have porridge before attending a wedding as it's a long day and the first meal is usually quite late. 

  • Posted: 22 Mar 2019 17:42

    Re: Breakfast for wedding guests

    That's a really lovely touch! 

    If it were me I would probably leave a box of local farm eggs along with the bread, milk, butter and jam, tea and coffee. Some fresh baked pastries I think would also go down well so they could have pastries one day and eggs another. If you've got a local bakery you could ask if they do mini ones (costco do big boxes of pastries) - or you could buy frozen ones that can be baked fresh and I dont think they would be too expensive.

    Perhaps you could leave porridge oats instead of cereal? I think that's a bit more filling and not as boring as cereal.

    I think some fruit would also be really nice. Bananas usually go down well and are quite filling. Then if there's some left you can either eat them or freeze them to make banana bread with in the future. Apples keep for ages so you could just keep any that are left, and/or make a crumble with any leftovers.



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