Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

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  • Posted: 16 Jun 2018 17:23

    Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

    Hey y'all, 

    Do you think a ballerina ring can be used as an engagement ring? I am a very unique person and I absolutely love this ring style.

    My family came to the USA from Poland and founded a Sapphire mine, so I want the middle stone to be a marquise cut deep blue sapphire (with a diamond halo). 

    My future hubby is French and he keeps looking at very classic designs, focusing mainly on solitaires. I think the classic look is beautiful but I am opting more for a unique shape that has been passed down my family for decades. 

    What do you think of this design? I want to make sure it still looks like an engagement ring and not too much like a cocktail. 

    Thanks for your thoughts! 




  • Posted: 13 Jul 2018 17:31

    Re: Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

    i think it's beautiful! and if thats what you want then you should have it, after all, you'll be the one wearing it forever! my ring is an emerald cut sapphire with a halo of diamonds and i love the fact it isn't a solitaire, i get a lot of compliments on it. 

    Make sure the future hubby knows what you like, otherwise he'll just spend money on a ring you don't love xxx

  • Posted: 15 Jul 2018 0:27

    Re: Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

    I think it's great!

  • Posted: 17 Jul 2018 13:04

    Re: Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

    It looks amazing! You have whatever ring you like, it's your ring!

    My ring is a very cheap and plain opal ring, but I would rather have it than the biggest flashiest diamond ring ever! It's all about what YOU want. 

  • Posted: 18 Jul 2018 22:32

    Re: Ballerina Ring for Engagement?

    I think it's beautiful! I've noticed that more and more people are going for out-of-the-ordinary engagement rings now. As long as you wear it on your wedding ring finger it ought to be obvious it's an engagement ring. 

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