Anyone else not booking a photographer?

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  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 17:15

    Anyone else not booking a photographer?



    My partner and I have decided not to have a professional photographer.  The quotes we were getting were simply astronomical, the ones which weren't left a lot to be desired!  We really don't like traditional posed photo's and would be very uncomfortable with the posing and to be honest they go in a cupboard after with a nice one on the wall!


    I know you pay for quality and service but the majority were kicking a grand for anything that was remotely close to what we would want!


    We've decided that we'd prefer to use the money elsewhere for instance the honeymoon and will be asking guests to share their photos on an instagram account and have those instead.


    Everyone who I have said this to have recoiled in horror saying I will regret it and we must must must get a professional photogrpaher.


    I'm now concerned I should book someone but I'm really worried I'll be paying for something I don't love!


    Anyone deciding not to hire a pro? x

  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 17:28

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    I wasn't keen to book a photographer - but same as you, everyone I spoke to was horrified! So we're having one just for the ceremony and 'cocktail hour', but not the getting ready or the reception. To be honest, I can do without pictures of my shoes, or pictures of my mates and family drunk dancing (have enough of those!), but actually it will be nice to have good photos of the ceremony which is the main part of the day. Not picked a photographer yet but am getting quotes nearer to the 500 quid mark for a good and well regarded local person, including a limited album. 

  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 20:39

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    My cousin and wife never had a photographer at their wedding and just asked all their guests to send them the photos they took and they got some really great natural shots that way.

  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 21:08

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    That actually makes me feel loads better- thanks x

  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 21:18

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    Most professional wedding photos all look the same and let's be honest here, who really enjoys looking through all those photos?! Most people are just polite and pretend to be interested but are actually bored senseless after picture 100...

  • Posted: 6 Sep 2017 21:54

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?


    Most professional wedding photos all look the same and let's be honest here, who really enjoys looking through all those photos?! Most people are just polite and pretend to be interested but are actually bored senseless after picture 100...

    I think that you have touched on part of the issue in the word "professional" because many that shoot weddings are not actually professional in the true meaning of the word because they have another week day full time job and the reason people see so many shots looking the same all the time is because its possible that the part time shooters doing them are all looking at each others work to get ideas and to see how they think they should shoot something, how many times have you seen a shot of a bride and groom standing 4 feet apart holding hands looking making an "M" shape looking glum straight at the camera, or the groom looking one way and the bride looking directly at the camera .

    Yes family can get some great fun and natural shots but what about something properly showing the dress or low light shots during the ceremony when there is no flash allowed or when the weather turns bad. Book a true professional who has their own unique style and you will have something that is worth the cost and you can look at for a lifetime.

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 0:31

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    It's a strange coincidence but this was sent to a Facebook page I manage today:

    We've received this message from a wedding photographer in London:

    My new neighbours got married recently. Don't know them all that well but they knew what I did as a job.
    Before their wedding they both spoke to me about the fact they thought wedding photography wasn't a priority for their wedding - and didn't hire anyone to capture their day. They asked about my prices late in the day, but said afterwards that they would rather spend their money on a kick ass honeymoon, saying it was just too expensive. Instead, they created a folder on here (Facebook) and asked people to send their camera pics to be vetted, because in her words, "she didn't want to look bad", before putting them in the folder. They also said they had a mate who had a decent camera.
    Anyway, long story short: The honeymoon is over, the wedding done & dusted.

    They are begging people to send them as many photos as possible because it's all they have left to relive their day. Trouble is they've come to me saying the photos are all poor quality, that the majority don't flatter her, that the lighting is crap and the colours are not right. The bride has asked me if I can do anything with any of the photos to which I've replied, in a word, no.

    The one thing they now regret is not paying someone to capture their day properly. It's the one thing that probably grates us all in this profession at one stage or another - that some people don't appreciate what we do. That or we're paid too much. Well, this couple have unfortunately learnt the hard way that it's so much more than that. You really can't put a price on captured memories. 
    All I'm seeing on their news feeds is how much they wished they had some good photos to look back on their day. A sad story.

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 0:37

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    I'll also add my own experience!  My husband and I married at 21 and I was the only photographer among our friends in Leeds.  My husband had a family friend in Birmingham who very kindly offered to come and do our photos. Back then there was no digital, it was all film and so the amateur film shooters were still pretty good.

    We couldn't afford £500 which was what 4 hours with an album cost from local wedding studios.

    Our friend did a great job but my wedding photos are not like professional wedding photos. We also didn't get the guidance that I can give to my own clients now - like where to have the group photos and how many to have.

    We have just celebrated our 27th anniversary.  In all these years we have NEVER had a photo on display in our home.  There are no photos of me that I like enough to display, I have my album and look at it from time to time.

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 11:59

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    When my son got married two years ago he made me promise not to get a photographer lol so I took a few cameras and used them remotely, guess what he has on his walls now, yep his wedding photos. He said to me afterwards that's he's so glad I took them.

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 13:55

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?


    Your logic is sound. When I got married there were lots of things we didn't have (we did have a photographer though). Although I wished we could of afforded a Mariachi!

    Some people really want nice photos to act as a ledger of their day and picking the right person is priceless. But we do cost a decent amount but our running costs are equally astronomical.

    However, even though I'm a photographer myself unless you see a true valid reason to have one then don't. Same with anything really, video, than annoying member of the family, and so on.

    Just don't rely on the guest shots, and for anyone else reading, apart from memories all you'll have after is the photos to look back on. I've seen couples blow 10k on flowers which are binned the next day but spent £500 on a photographer.

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 15:42

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    me Smile


    there was a study a while ago that found most brides couldnt even remember when they last looked at their photo album after the 1 year mark, its a HUGE amount of money for something I dont care about that mostely wont be used


    growing up I use to see that ONE photo of grandparents/great grandparents (usually 40s or 50s) often taken in a photo studio and always thought that was normal... who wants a 1000 images of the same things and I rarely see any wedding photos that feel 'special' as they tend to all look the same, the quality changes but the albums dont (and yes dozens of photographers have said the 'if you get a proffesional theres different styles' and all that typical response and trust me ive looked through including the people that say that and they all STILL look the same - theres only so much you can do with a woman in a wedding dress)


    dont let anyone bully you... you have YOUR priorities, in my family there has never been a person who had a proffesional paid photographer and most of my friends havent either - wedding of only a couple of £1000 are common here so theres no money for it and I dont know one single person thats ever regretted it

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 17:22

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    Couldn't agree more Sorbet! 

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 17:22

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    We had a friend take the pics. He was a semi-pro photographer. They were good but not great. Even knowing this, I wouldn't pay full whack for a professional photographer. Try the friend route, then expand to friend of friends and see if they'll do mates rates. :)

  • Posted: 7 Sep 2017 17:52

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    The photos are 1 of the things I am most looking forward to! We are paying £1.5k and I think it will be worth every penny

     Photography was always a priority for us. We are having a small wedding and so this was a big amount to spend but it's all we'll have to look back on.

    I have a few friends who didn't got professional photographers, they absolutely regret it! Even 10 or more years on. 1 friend especially says she is absolutely gutted that they have no decent photos.

  • Posted: 8 Sep 2017 7:38

    Re: Anyone else not booking a photographer?

    Everyone has different priorities. I was shooting the group photos at a wedding on Saturday and while waiting for the usher to get the next group together a guest asked if I would take a photo with her camera of her and her friends, the lighting was crap, honestly one side of their faces were in shadow and the other side bright sun light, I tried to move them in to better light but she said "nah its only for facebook to show we are at a wedding" Big Smile

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