Anyone else getting married in October?!

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  • Posted: 17 Apr 2020 21:48

    Anyone else getting married in October?!

    I’m due to get married 30th October - just wondering if anyone else is still planning on getting married in October due to the Coronavirus pandemic? I’m really hoping this will still go ahead as we have based the wedding around a pumpkin theme! 

    All the day invites have gone out, I’d really like to be sending evening invites out soon but not sure if it’s a bit premature?!


  • Posted: 21 Apr 2020 21:22

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    My brother is due for 10th of October. They're still plowing ahead. Mine would've been two days ago and we've postponed until September and are still hoping for that too. Who knows what will happen. I would still hope for Sep/Oct at the mo.

  • Posted: 21 Apr 2020 21:25

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!


    We're currently getting married on 3rd October this year and still hoping things go ahead as normal! It's so difficult to know if things are going to be okay then but for the moment we're just doing everything normally but trying to pay for things close to the deadline rather than early just in case! Trying to do things that dont involve dates at the moment, like buying wedding rings, bridal accessories and making decor,  rather than catering, cake etc. We'd also not sent our evening invites yet and are considering cutting evening guests to save some money, as I've been furloughed and not earning bonus. so we have less money than we thought. 

  • Posted: 22 Apr 2020 21:42

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    I'm getting married at the end of October and plan to proceed and just keep an eye on things. I think whilst it's a concern it is far enough away for anything to change. so best not too worry too much (as hard as may be).


    My sister had to cancel a wedding from May and have rearranged to later in the year.

    Fingers crossed all is ok! 

    Out of all the things worried about and considered planning a wedding, never saw this coming thats for sure!



  • Posted: 27 Apr 2020 10:56

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    Our wedding is 3rd October and we have just moved it back a year. I just don't feel that the wedding will be the one we envisaged, and wouldn't want to put any guests at risk (quite a few vulnerable and elderly in attendance). 

    I also can't bear the thought of being on tenterhooks for the next 5 months, and it's totally taken away the joy of planning. 

    Feeling super sad but already relieved it's not something I need to worry about now.

    Fingers crossed for everyone.

  • Posted: 27 Apr 2020 11:06

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    I am getting married (hopefully) on the 16th November and am hoping it can go ahead still. It's a really stressful time at the minute to be honest as both me and my fiance work in hospitality so are being furloughed and no idea when we can go back to work or if the government scheme will finish before we are back at work. As a result will probably have to cut some of what I imagined at the wedding. 

    I think we have to go along as  normal at the minute as may lose deposits if try to cancel. To be honest I always had a wintry wedding in mind so the thought of moving to another season or putting back until the end of 2021 is something I really dont want to do but I'm worried if they cancel my wedding towards the end of this year there wont be any dates until 2022.

    Sorry for the long rant just needed to vent at someone who could understand my worry, feels like noone else wants to listen incase they upset me

    Are you thinking your weddings will go ahead? To be honest I really wasnt worried until I started to read messages on these forums. I think they must start to ease up on restrictions by November and to be honest all I can is hope they start to lift (both from the perspective of my wedding and so I can get paid again)

  • Posted: 28 Apr 2020 10:47

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    Hi ladies, new to the forums! :) 

    I'm in a similar situation, due to get married on 18th September in Cumbria but we live in the Isle of Man and as it stands our borders are currently closed and will remain so until the situation in the UK is under control which we believe could be some time yet. We have guests travelling from Australia, America, Europe, Ireland, other parts of England and the Isle of Man. I just cannot see how it could possibly go ahead with talks of social distancing having to remain in place for the rest of the year and the situation with international travel.  

    Our venue won't consider a postponement until 1st July but the living in limbo is driving me insane, I don't know how much longer I can cope with the not knowing. We've already had friends and family asking what is going on and I get the impression a lot of people will feel uncomfortable travelling in the near future even if things are lifted. We have insurance thankfully but they will only cover us if it's officially cancelled by the venue, but I get the impression they will do everything they can for it to go ahead so they don't lose out financially, and we're not covered from a travel point of view even though we might not physically be able to get there!

    I'm at the point where I just want it to be cancelled, sounds awful but we've put our heart and soul into this for the last 6 months and I just feel all the excitement has gone. Not to mention there's still a ton of things need doing (we don't have suits yet and the shops are all shut for one!). I want to this all to be a distant memory by the time we get married and can't now imagine the thought of it still going ahead last minute with staff in gloves and masks, guests feeling nervous and people not being allowed to hug / kiss etc. :(

    Anyone else getting married in September and have you cancelled or still holding out hope?


  • Posted: 1 May 2020 8:29

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    Hello, I am a fellow October bride, due to get married on Saturday 31st and every reply on here I can completely relate to. The waiting game is painful and not knowing either way if it will go ahead makes everything worst. I think I could accept postponement if we had to but our venue is hopeful October will be fine so we are sitting tight for now. So sorry this has happened to us girls. It’s my number one stress right now and I am a nurse! Sending love to all xx

  • Posted: 1 May 2020 9:04

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    Hi all thanks for your messages, we decided to postpone just to be on the safe side to end of February and hope things may be a little more normal by then. 

  • Posted: 6 May 2020 11:17

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    I am sure it was a hard decision but at least you can breather more easily now!

  • Posted: 6 May 2020 21:02

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    We are hoping wedding will be back this year, but the likelihood is there will be a restriction on guests and social distancing rules still.  

    For this reason many of our brides have decided to postpone until early next year.  Weddings are just not the same if all the people you love can't be there to celebrate with you!   

    If you are going ahead it may be worth planning to live stream your ceremony through you videographer or ask a friend.

    We are trying to help brides going ahead by offering multiple camera live streaming of ceremonies and speeches. We are also going to premiere some of the ceremonies or highlights later the same day this way a bride can watch back the ceremony and interact live with guests on Facebook or Youtube.   Other brides have just asked us to be double quick on editing the wedding film so we have promised a weeks turnaround time!  



  • Posted: 7 May 2020 11:00

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    Out of interest what have peoples venues had to say about postponing if not due to get married until later in the year?

    I asked my venue if I could potentially pencil in a second date next year until closer to my wedding date so I know if my November wedding this year will take place and they just said that at the moment they havent postponed any weddings past July and are hoping to open as usual in summer. I also asked if weddings are able to take place but I wont be able to have the numbers (I have booked for 40 day with an additional 20 evening) that I had booked for or the same experience (ie facemasks etc) am I able to move without losing the deposit but never really got an answer for that either 

  • Posted: 8 May 2020 10:24

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    The uncertainty of it all is really difficult.

    We're due to get married on 4th October. We're still hopeful that our wedding can go ahead. Before we went into full lockdown our venue were still holding weddings but put extra precautions in place and limited numbers to 100. Even if that has to happen again we can work with that. If it can't go ahead they'll help us to find a date in the future. We're carrying on for now as if the wedding is going ahead as planned and we'll just have to keep an eye on things.

    We're trying to use this time to plan other bits and pieces like making decorations to try and keep some excitement about it.

    We're due to go on our honeymoon two days after the wedding and we also don't know the likelihood of that going ahead. 

    It's a difficult time but I'm glad that there's still a good few months away. We can only hope things work out! 

  • Posted: 11 May 2020 11:42

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    I'm due to get married with 60 guests on 1st October, does anyone have any updates since the latest news on 10th May? I read somewhere that registrars are going to allow 5 people (including couple, themselves and 2 witnesses) until end of August. 

    I'm waiting until tonight's (11th May) announcements before speaking to the council and the venue this week.  

    We have decided a back up plan, have insurance and my partner is very savvy and persuasive when it comes to any additional costs we might incur but it's the not knowing if we need to take action which is the worst. 

  • Posted: 11 May 2020 19:00

    Re: Anyone else getting married in October?!

    We ended up paying £1000 to postpone to end of Feb from October. We were able to do this as we were just over 6 months before the wedding - had it been within 6 month period it would of cost us way too much to postpone.


    we were lucky as feb is a cheaper month to get married in for our venue to it actually worked out we broke even. All of our suppliers moved the date with no charge too. The only thing we might have to pay out for is giving our notice at the registry office again but that will be about £70 so won’t break the bank.


    its worth putting the feelers out to your venue to see what their policy on postponing is. I feel so much better by postponing it, although still nervous that Feb might not happen the way we envisaged. 

    good luck x 

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