Any ideas on Hen party

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  • Posted: 6 Nov 2019 11:51

    Any ideas on Hen party

    So im getting married in February and need some inspiration on hen ideas, so far i only have one bridesmaid and we are not having a traditional wedding, i dont really have anyone coming on my side appart from her, and maybe my mum. But i would still like to do something fun for my hen, it may just end up being me and my bridesmaid doing something but im not sure what we can do so far we have come up with 


    Meal and drinks

    Home pamper with drinks 

    Dinner and drinks 


  • Posted: 6 Nov 2019 19:41

    Re: Any ideas on Hen party

    Do you like doing crafty stuff?  If you have a bigger group, you can sometimes get someone to run a craft event just for your hen do, but if it's just two or three, you can go to a craft cafe or have a mail order kit.

    I've done pottery painting for a hen do - we went to a cafe, did some painting and they also did lunch/tea & cake there.  I still use the mug every day and it's a lovely reminder of the weekend, plus all the hens chipped in to decorate a plate for the bride to keep as a souvenir.  You could also look at jewelry making, soap making, mosaics or glass.  There's a lady on Facebook who does glass kits - she sends you the plain glass templates and the coloured glass, you design your hanger (heart, bird etc) and post it all back to her, then she fires it and returns it to you. She's on Facebook under Fused Glass by Emily.  

  • Posted: 7 Nov 2019 6:08

    Re: Any ideas on Hen party

    Hey Hen party is all about fun, do whatever you like, what gives you happiness just go with that.Watch movies, have lots of drinks, eat cakes, etc and enjoy your day.


  • Posted: 8 Nov 2019 21:32

    Re: Any ideas on Hen party

    Myself and a few friends are thinking of going for a spa day, and another friend wants us to go to a local sweet shop that does adult partys (paint a jar, fill it with sweets, have crepes and icecream and bring your own drink....awesome idea.

    I there are some quirky ideas out there but you can do whatever makes you happy and feel like you have celebrated the occasion.

    Enjoy x

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